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American Wirehair

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Cat Breeding: American Cat Animal Breeds Wireless Origins: All About Cats. History and origins

The American Wirehair cat is a native of the United States.
The history of this breed begins in the 1960s when a kitten with curly hair is found in American Shorthair litter. An American breeder noticed this specificity linked to a natural mutation and decided to fix this gene thanks to many crosses. American Wirehair was officially recognized in the United States in 1978, but is extremely rare in France.

American String: Cat Breeds, Cat Breeds Animal Character Skills: All About Cats . Character and skills

The American Wirehair cat is like a character with the American Shorthair.
He is social and likes to venture outdoors. It is an agile, athletic and curious animal.
He loves to play and will be an ideal companion for the children of the family and adapts very well to the presence of a dog, as long as the introduction is done correctly.
The American Shorthair can live city and country life, as long as they are properly motivated every day to keep them out of the lure.

American String: Breeds of cats, cat breeds of animals physical characteristics: all you need to know about cats. Physical characteristics

Average life expectancy: 15 years old
Average height: 35 cm at the withers
Average weight: 3 to 5 kilos.

Cat with short hair, American Wirehair is an animal with a strong and flat body. The head is round and proportionate to the body. The eyes are large, round and slightly sloping. They have a brilliant color. The muzzle is marked and square and the ears are set apart. The legs are round and the tail has a rounded end.

“Wirehair” meaning “wirehair”, the coat is dense, rough and curved. The whiskers are wavy too.
It looks a lot like the American Shorthair, where it came from.

American breed: Cat breed, cat animal breeds healthcare: everything you need to know about cats. Health and care

Adventurous by nature, the American Shorthair needs to be checked regularly as he returns from his outdoor walks.
It is a very strong cat since humans have changed little: its natural evolution has created a certain robustness, leaving the breed subject to one or more pathologies (s).

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