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Anti-sling bowls for dogs: Feeding as an occupation

Not only dogs that actually devour their food benefit from an anti-snare bowl. In almost all dogs, this form of feeding provides additional activity and helps against boredom.

But make sure that you choose a level of difficulty that offers your dog a certain employment value without simply presenting a tiresome and annoying obstacle between him and the longed for food!

And a little variety is also not wrong. Because tasks only remain interesting in the long term if you don’t have to solve them every day.

Here is a selection of models that I know myself or would buy if there was still space on the shelf:

Anti-snare bowl with hollows

Such Anti-loop bowls with hollows are available in different materials and designs. Due to the recesses, your dog cannot use its lower jaw like a shovel excavator and can only empty the chambers one after the other. These bowls are easy to clean and suitable for BARF / wet food and those with moderate swings.

Difficulty level: Quite simple and frustration-free.

Anti-snare bowl suitable for: All forms of feeding.

No products found.

Anti-loop bowl with obstacles

With such an anti-snarling bowl made of sturdy plastic, the dog has to lift its head every now and then and orient itself in order to reach all the chunks of food.

I had a comparable model in use with my tüddeligen senior for a long time. Here the level of difficulty was just right to slow down the feeding and animate him to think a bit without being unsolvable.

Difficulty level: Difficult enough for older and small dogs.

Anti-snare bowl suitable for: All forms of feeding.

Lining plates with spikes

The Plastic lining plate is also available in other colors.

Since the ‘mountains’ get quite high here in the middle, the dog has to search a bit for its food. However, the bowl is less suitable for smaller dogs with a thick skull and a short snout, as it is difficult for them to get to the food in the middle and bump their noses.

Difficulty level: Here the dog has to look for its food a bit.

Anti-snare bowl suitable for: Without a rim, therefore only for dry food.

Anti-snare bowls with grooves and patterns

Such Antischlingnäpfe in spiral designs and grooves are available in umpteen sizes and designs. I have several bowls of this type and I am satisfied.

However, I have to say that some dogs have to struggle a bit here. Because the grooves in these bowls are sometimes relatively narrow, so that large dogs have to fish for some chunks with their tongues.

Difficulty level: Here you have to make a little effort for the feed.

Anti-snare bowl suitable for: All forms of feeding.

Anti-sling bowl as an intelligence toy

This monstrous one Anti-snarling bowl with integrated paw play is not suitable for all dogs.

A sophisticated problem-solving strategy and the use of paws (and a bit of help at first) are needed here before the dog can get to the food. Too annoying for many dogs for daily feeding, but sometimes a challenge that encourages thinking.

Difficulty level: Extra difficult.

Anti-snare bowl suitable for: Dry food only.

Anti-snare bowl for on the go

Such a foldable silicone bowl with a structured base is easy to take with you and use on the go.

I think the idea is funny. But of course the bowl only helps against loops due to its size and the small knobs on the bottom if you gradually fill in small portions.

Difficulty level: Quite easy.

Anti-snare bowl suitable for: All forms of feeding.

Anti-snare bowl made of ceramic or stainless steel

If you are bothered by the fact that most bowls are made of hard plastic against loops, you will also find a small selection of suitable products in the range of ceramic and metal bowls.

Difficulty level: Quite simple and frustration-free, since usually not so small-scale forms are offered here.

Anti-snare bowl suitable for: All forms of feeding.

More ideas about the anti-sling bowl

You can try to retrofit your normal bowl with the ‘Gobble Stopper’. I’m actually only mentioning this for the sake of completeness, because the part costs about as much as one or the other new anti-snake bowl.

Since I don’t Anti-snare bowl made of stainless steel that really convinced me, this part might be a good alternative if you insist on a metal bowl:

You can also try to make an anti-snare bowl yourself.

For example, put one heavy rubber ball in the normal bowl. Dogs often overlook out of sheer greed that they could remove this ball.

Also a Muffinblech can be used to keep the dog from gobbling too large bites at once. Simply distribute the feed over the openings in the sheet. For small dogs, a large one is sometimes suitable for this Ice cube mold.

Of course, you have to look carefully with such ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions in order to use materials that are non-toxic for the dog!

For which dogs is an anti-snake bowl useful?

A dog bowl appears in every basic equipment list for dogs.

From our point of view, feeding dogs from a round bowl is so normal that very few people ever think about how useful it actually is for the dog.

But: Foraging and foraging make up a large part of the active time for animals in the wild. No longer having to laboriously collect or hunt your food, but to have it presented in bite-sized bites at fixed times is pure luxury.

But in contrast to us, our dogs have no way of meaningfully filling the time that has become free. That can too boredom to lead.

So why not use the feeding time to satisfy our dog’s natural need for foraging, nibbling and licking and mental stimulation?

I have already described what good occupation should do in my general article on the occupation of the dog.

Anti-loop bowls can be filled with little effort, are available in many different levels of difficulty and offer a great opportunity to let the dog work a bit for his food.

This enriches our dog’s everyday life and helps against boredom.

Anti-sling bowls are therefore not only suitable for dogs that actually gobble excessively!

Of course there are dogs that don’t need any further challenge in everyday life.

A weak or demented old dog who already has trouble eating certainly doesn’t need an anti-snake bowl. And a dog that is already overworked and has difficulty relaxing needs no further animation when it comes to feeding.

Why you want to prevent dogs from swallowing

It is common knowledge that some breeds of dogs, such as retrievers and beagles, typically suck up their food in seconds.

Just because it looks wild doesn’t have to be problematic. Loops can but can certainly lead to problems.

For example, if the dog becomes so frenetic while eating that he will sit down at almost every meal swallowed, coughs, chokes up chunks again, swallows again, choked again, etc ..

For some dogs, food doesn’t just become proverbial inhaled.

Then you as the owner are under high voltage every time you feed, look at information on the Heimlich maneuver in the dog and look for a simple solution to get the stress out of this situation.

Eating too quickly can also cause a lot of air is swallowed in the stomach. This can lead to belching, vomiting, or gas.

Many owners want to prevent the dog from slinging because this is a risk factor for a life-threatening Magendrehung applies. Although this connection has not been proven, it is understandably not an opportunity that one would like to enter into.

But even if you really only want to prevent the food from being consumed at record speed and the primary aim is to slow down, you should make sure that the dog has fun with the feeding.

And also with Dogs on a diet An anti-snare bowl can help distract the dog from counting the amount of food it has fed. The food you have worked on makes you feel full.

Are anti-snake bowls fun for dogs?

Looking for food and working for food is a lot of fun for many dogs.

But since dogs are also individuals with their own character, not every activity game we offer is equally appropriate for every dog.

Do dogs like to work for their food?

From experimental observations on different animal species it is known that under certain circumstances animals prefer to turn to a source of food that is costly (e.g. food that is only released by pressing a lever several times) than freely available food in a bowl.

This phenomenon is called ‘Counterfreeloading‘(As a contrast to’ freeloading ‘, eating freely available food). (Quelle: Osborne 1977)

The behavior is interpreted in such a way that curiosity about a new source of food could pay off in the uncertain future in the wild. The motivation to collect information is apparently greater in some moments than the motivation to fill your stomach straight away.

However, this effect diminishes when animals are hungry or the effort to reach the hidden food becomes too high. Then animals prefer to eat straight from a bowl.

Take away message, if we transfer this to our dogs: Dogs like to work for their food and are always interested in finding new ways to eat. But only if they are not too hungry or the effort is not absurdly high.

If you offered your dog part of his ration freely and another part in the anti-snake bowl, what would he choose?

Do not exaggerate! An anti-snare bowl shouldn’t cause frustration

Surprisingly, many are eating right now friendly dogs rather wanted food than straight from a bowl.

But many of these dogs give up quickly and walk away when presented with a new anti-snake bowl or a new snack ball: The task is then simply too difficult!

The opposite effect happens much more often:

When the dog through its new anti-snare bowl turns up, barks and whines, then he is frustrated. Be it because the task is way too difficult or because he is so stressed that he stands in his own way.

Because you can also frustrate your dog enormously with an anti-snake bowl.

Not every dog ​​enjoys having to solve complex tasks with every feeding in order to finally get to its chunks of food. In these dogs, the motivation to eat is much higher than to work out new problem-solving strategies.

To make feeding an emotionally stressful situation is of course not our intention!

Bowls that just need to be emptied time consuming, but are not interesting, are not much fun for a dog either. A tired dog may be a good dog, but not necessarily a happy one!

Good employment should enrich and that is not measured in time!

Imagine you had to fish for minutes after each noodle while eating spaghetti.

Your ancestors were hunters and gatherers too, but I have strong doubts that this would satisfy your natural curiosity and passion for collecting. Because the job isn’t really …

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