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BioThane® leashes for dogs: Our recommendations

Almost every dog ​​owner knows that Towline out Biothane in neon colors. But what is this material about? BioThane® is the brand name of a high-tech polyester braid with a plastic coating made in the USA. Due to its properties, it is very popular as a material for dog leashes. Because BioThane® does not tangle, is durable, tear-resistant and easy to clean.

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Biothane towline checklist

  • BioThane® is a polyester mesh covered with TPU / polyurethane. The newer Beta® is a new variant of BioThane® with PVC coating a softer and slightly structured surface. BioThane is not firm to the bite, but very resistant in normal use.
  • Da man BioThane Can also be bought by the meter, these lines are offered in a wide variety of qualities. Choose one BioThane-Track line with professional workmanship. Good seams are more durable than cheap rivets and the others too Metal parts should be sturdy which is especially relevant for large impulsive dogs.
  • BioThane will be in many Signal colors offered. This is ideal for tow leashes that should be seen by others, such as cyclists or joggers.
  • BioThane becomes round or flat offered in many different belt widths. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s information on the load-bearing capacity of individual lines. What width for a BioThane-Track line is appropriate, of course, depends on the size of the dog (good workmanship provided):
    • Ø 6 mm / width 9-14 mm for puppies, small and medium-sized dogs
    • Ø 8 mm / width 15-20 mm for large dogs
  • Whether you are a BioThane leash with hand loop or rather one BioThane leash without hand loop buy depends on usage. At BioThane search leashes and Leashes that you won’t let go of and that you always hold in your hand, a loop can come in handy. For Tow lines that drag freely on the ground, the variant without a loop is better.
  • If you have a extra long leash for large dogs or one buoyant towline need then is BioThane unfortunately often too difficult. Then you better take a look at the other tow lines or only with the rubberized tow lines a.
  • If you have a Biothane towline with shock absorber are looking for, you can find this etvl. retrofit yourself. However, watch out for weak points so that all parts will hold up in an emergency.
  • Make sure you only use gloves, good shoes, and good walking leashes Chest harness for the dog to use!
  • Different manufacturers offer similar ones sheathed PVC linen but seldom provide information on resilience, so everyone has to weigh them up for themselves. Open your eyes when buying linen!

Good BioThane towline flat

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Good BioThane towing leashes round

Biothane towline supplier

Biothane is very popular as a dog leash material, so that many online shops have one or two Biothane tugs in their range:

Links on the subject

[1] FAQ zum BioThane-Material bei der BioThane Coated Webbing Corp

[2] Information about the BioThane®-Material in the LENNIE online shop: About BioThane®

[3] Information about tow lines BioThane®-Material with dog trainer Alex Angrick

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