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Cat breeds: THE SIAMOIS

All Assur O’Poil cat breeds – Siamese

History of the origins of cat breeds: all you need to know about cats. History and origins

The Siamese came from Thailand (formerly known as Siam) where the 1350 manuscript was portrayed as a sacred and protected race.

The first specimen was integrated in Europe at the London exhibition in 1871. This breed evolved rapidly in the 70s due to the desire of breeders to improve its physical characteristics:

The Americans wanted to coordinate a more elegant body with a longer one. The English wanted the ears to be better positioned, namely lower and larger, retaining the eastern shape of the almond eye. The best Siamese have the qualities of American cats as well as the qualities of English cats.

Today, there are 4 main types of Siamese: American, Thai, English and Apple Head.


A cat animal breeds character skills: everything you need to know about cats. Character and competencies

The Siamese have an extended, assertive and volcanic mindset. While he has a reputation for being difficult to live with, it seems to be

very elegant. In fact he seeks the contact and attention of his master because he respects the company. He is a social, curious and possessive cat. It adapts very well to living in an apartment: it is also attentive, and likes to be comfortable and warm.

He needs to be well educated in order to alleviate his hyperactivity, and it is essential to spend playing time on him every day. Very talkative, the Siamese likes to communicate. It can cut a lot for any particular reason, just because it feels good.

cat animal breeds physical characteristics: all you need to know about cats. Physical characteristics

Average life expectancy: 8 to 12 years old

Average height: 35 cm at the withers.

Average weight: 2 to 6 kilos.

It is the color of Siamese fur that makes it unique. It is white with pronounced pigmentation on certain extreme parts of the body, such as the muzzle, legs and tail. The coat is short and silky.

There are two types of Siamese cat, the first is an Eastern Siamese with a triangular head with an elongated head, well-aligned pointed ears and blue eyes. The second is the traditional Siamese which has a less long head resembling a European cat with a less slender body. The body is of medium height and tapered. The Siamese gradually has interesting shapes that make it an irresistible filter.

Cat breed breeds healthcare: everything you need to know about cats. Health and care

Strong cat, the Siamese are not very susceptible to diseases. It requires no particular maintenance, and hair loss is minimal. However, the coat must be strictly maintained once or twice a week.

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