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Cat Hair Loss: Is It Normal If My Cats Lose Hair?


Cat hair loss: My cat is losing her hair

Have you noticed that your cat is losing hair significantly, even unusually? First of all, you should know that hair loss is normal in cats as long as it is not excessive, that is to say it remains invisible on your cat coat. In addition, you will logically notice that there will be more hair loss during the moulting period. However, if you notice alopecia areata, ie local hair loss in the form of patches, or other skin problems such as redness or itching, it will be important to consult your veterinarian to determine the cause and get the right treatment. .

To help you, here are some possible causes of hair loss in your cat

Cat hair loss: what if it was a food problem?


Improper diet is often the cause of skin problems, leading to hair loss. The cat is a strict carnivore, so its diet must be adapted to its physiological needs. In addition, the raw materials (especially meat or fish) that make up your cat’s diet must be of premium quality and as digestible as possible.

Cat hair loss: Stress problems


Stress can also harm the health of your cats. Significant or prolonged stress can lead to significant skin problems, scratching or excessive licking, and sometimes more or less hair loss.

In addition, an animal under stress will be sensitive to diseases and parasites because stress reduces its ability to fight disease. Your cat can be stressed for a variety of reasons: inappropriate environment, routine change, repeated attacks, etc. In any case, it will be necessary to identify the cause of the stress in order to find solutions to help your cat, perhaps with the help of a feline carrier.

Parasite problems


In addition, external parasites can cause hair loss in cats. Preventive treatment will be needed to fight fleas, ticks or other parasites. In case of contamination, it will also be necessary to treat your cat. Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian to find the best possible treatment to treat your cat. Also be aware that fungi, such as hair follicles, can be responsible for skin problems caused by hair loss.

What if my cat has abnormal cat hair loss?

Abnormal hair loss in your cat can lead to other causes such as allergies to pollen for example. It is therefore important to analyze all the symptoms, so if your cat has redness, loss of appetite, fever or any other worrying symptoms, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian without delay.

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