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Cat sterilization: what are the pros and cons? – AssurOpoil Cat Insurance

Cat sterilization: things suggest

Cat sterilization: what are the pros and cons? This is the question many homeowners ask themselves. Well, there are many arguments to be made to answer this. What is well known is that this process helps prevent many diseases, especially in women. However, it is at the root of certain disorders and early performance of this operation often results in abnormalities in the functioning of the animal’s organs. So some breeds of cats are more susceptible to castration than others. It is then necessary to seek the advice of a veterinarian, because the breed of the cat is also a definite factor.

Sterilizing your cat: what are the benefits?

What sets cats apart from other animals is that females do not go through menopause. Thus they remain fertile for the rest of their lives. However, their litter can reach up to 8 kittens, ensuring galloping growth in the population. One of the reasons for sterilizing the cat is to limit its reproduction, especially if you have a woman. The other benefit is to protect the animal against nipple infections in female cats.

In fact, the risk of this type of disease occurring is divided by seven in sterilized felines. One of the biggest benefits of neutralizing your cat is that it also becomes more docile. As a result of castration, the animal no longer produces certain hormones, its mood is more stable. It is therefore in your best interest to sterilize your cat if you have a rather exciting species, such as the Savannah or Holy Burma.

SterilizationCat prevention health: Have your kitten sterilized cat: an intervention that may have unwanted effects

However, spaying cats also creates some problems and the most acute side effect of spaying is weight gain. Because cats are less active, the risk of obesity is therefore higher. In addition to this, this operation affects the urinary system of the cat, thereby promoting the appearance of various diseases, such as stones. In males in particular, early castration slows the development of the excretory organ, especially the diameter of the urethra, which gradually becomes pathology. Among the diseases of cats caused by this method, we also get diabetes. More specific diseases can be seen in certain breeds of cats. In the Maine Coon, for example, it can delay the process of building bones. Because of this, the cat will be more vulnerable to breakage if it gets hit. The risk is especially higher if the intervention is done before 18 months.

Cats are usually stalked for the convenience of the owners. In fact, to save yourself the inconvenience of ripening season or to effectively manage births, this solution is ideal. Also recommended for improve men’s behavior in order to reduce running away, the risks of giving birth to a multitude of infectious diseases disappear. If you intend to take the chemical solution, be sure to keep in mind the reminders, as fertility will directly cause any deficiencies. As you tend for surgery, you may need to go to the hospital.

Don’t worry, your vet will be happy to explain the steps to follow and reassure you. You have the right to demand an explanation for any change in behavior, habits or even the appearance of postoperative diseases. A veterinary consultation within one hour is recommended.

Trampling cats is a step that can be very important in a pet’s life because it often follows undesirable effects. In both cases, you will need to make multiple appointments with your veterinarian.

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