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Cat urine: How to remove the smell of cat pee? – AssurOpoil Cat Insurance

Cat urine: How to remove the smell of cat pee?

A small accident happens quickly, and it is best to act quickly on cat urine. You will have two jobs to do if you forget the carpet: clean the urine, but avoid odors and eliminate them. The other job, of course, is to teach your cat to do it in the litter box and not on the floor, but that’s another story. As soon as you smell the slightest odor outside the bin, you have to act quickly, because, as you know for sure, cat urine is quite stiff! You don’t even have to run to the supermarket to buy a miracle product, as you probably already have it at home. Here are some quick fixes to help you fight stains and odors associated with cat pee.

Pee cat: How to clean the accident?

The smell of urine is usually the hardest to get rid of, but remember there is also liquid to get rid of! No miracle, you can use dishwashing liquid, a floor cleaner and even a little sparkling water for your carpets! Carbonated water draws up urine from the tissues, allowing you to map or absorb the liquid with paper towels. The drier the area, the easier it will be to get rid of the smell.

Avoid chemicals at all costs

Your cat has just peed in one place. If he’s not incontinent, he chose this place for a reason, maybe he feels comfortable, easy to reach, or the view he really likes. The point is, if you use chemicals to clean his urine, you endanger him, as he is likely to return to that place and expose himself to toxic agents. Avoid cleaning his urine in front of him, he will take it as a game and chances are he will urinate again in this place, just for you viewing pleasure! Finally, know that cats love the smell of bleach more than anything else. If you use it to clean up his accident, he is guaranteed to use this place again for his needs. It is also advisable to put a few drops of bleach in his bin, this will encourage him to do his business there.

Use white vinegar to remove cat pee

If you are looking for natural products all the time to do your cleansing, you have already heard about white vinegar. It is a real Swiss army knife for the home, and you should not hesitate to use it everywhere. Pour into a bowl 4 teaspoons of sparkling water then 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and it will be the best cleanser you could imagine. Apply the liquid to the surface on which the urine is and let it soak. You will eliminate urine odor instantly! It is important to dilute the vinegar, since you could only substitute the smell of vinegar for the smell of urine. It’s true that it’s always nicer, but if you can prevent such a powerful smell from invading your home, it’s best to resort to home. This is especially true for fabrics, if it is an impermeable hard surface, you can then pour vinegar and then rub it, the smell will not stay very long.

Lemon for the most part stubborn

Lemon is a natural acid, and is very effective on hard surfaces, since they make impermeability very resistant to cleaning products. There is no danger of putting lemon juice on top of work, for example, it was built to withstand it. Its corrosive effect on the smell acts in a few minutes, and leaves a pleasant smell, for most people anyway. Don’t be afraid to put it on your leathers, they will also resist this mild acid.
In addition, if the smell in your home does not suit you, you can leave a few drops of essential oil completely in the affected area. Finally, if you want to prevent your cat from returning to this specific place to defecate at all costs, you can sprinkle a little black pepper nearby. It smells awful for the cat and he will not dare put anything back on it. You can also choose a repellent plant for cats, which will limit their arrival and departure, and especially look for toilets.

How to remove the smell of cat pee

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