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Christmas with a dog: tips and ideas for the Christmas season

Mach Christmas with a dog at a really great time for you and your four-legged friends!

Here you will find stress-free tips and ideas for a successful Christmas in the dog household. Maybe it is too the first Christmas for your four-legged friend? Then browse the here Do’s and Dont’s all about Christmas with a dog.

Christmas cookies for dogs

Christmas is the time of year when you could actually try one of your many, many memorized cookie recipes, right?

Because if you already have your annual Baking marathon before Christmas plan, you can also quickly add a few for your four-legged friend Bake delicious dog biscuits. Also to give away to dog lovers are homemade dog treats always a great idea!

Or you just search the internet for recipes for dog biscuits. Here is a small selection to bake off:

Advent calendar for dogs

A Christmas countdown for dogs is another idea with which you can let your four-legged friend participate in Christmas customs. Many feed manufacturers offer Advent calendar for dogs that are already filled with an assortment of goodies, dog meals or chews.

The Fill the Christmas calendar for your four-legged friend with treats yourself But it also goes quickly, is cheap to do and the dog will be happy about his daily delicacy one way or another.

It doesn’t have to be a pompous craft calendar for the dog.

If you fill the treats individually into cardboard tubes, the dog also gets one every day small employmentif he is allowed to free his treat himself (However, only useful for dogs who don’t just want to eat the whole filled cardboard tube right away, so greedy ones are supposed to Malinois Dogs give…).

To do this, simply press the cardboard tube flat and fold the ends in about 2cm and fill them with treats in between. Doesn’t have to look like perfect origami for your four-legged friend!

Nicholas for dogs

Nikolausi is another Christmas custom that many want to celebrate with their dog.

So it’s no wonder that they now even have their own Santa Claus socks for dogs (z.B. here at Amazon and of course also on Etsy) Tobe offered. For personal use, I find the purchase of such a Christmas stocking to be filled for the dog a little exaggerated, right?

If you are a Santa Claus gift for dogs want to pack it nicely, you can do one of these Christmas stocking pretty simple too Do handicrafts, crochet, knit or sew yourself (ideal for processing handicraft leftovers).

If you no desire to do handicrafts have, then you can give it away a simple one small kraft paper bag or a funny patterned one reusable shopping bag.

Christmas gifts for dogs

Of course, your four-legged friend should also get nice things and celebrate when everyone opens their presents. Some original ideas for beautiful Christmas gifts for dogs it’s actually not that difficult to find.

If you have a enthusiastic dog at home, you should pay attention to your four-legged friends not too overwhelming. Because, like with small children, there is a not so fine line between play, fun and surprise and far too many toys.

Of course, it depends on the individual four-legged friend, his Ability to self-control emotionally and its impulsiveness on how to get that Gift delivery for the dog should design. While a rather calm dog may only really get into the Christmas mood when you shower him with Christmas toys, a herding dog or terrier can too much be.

A (literally: as) new Intelligenzspielzeug, Snack toys or a new one Sniffing mat, filled with a few rounds of deliciously smelling dog biscuits, brings a jittery four-legged friend more than a whole box full of squeaky plush toys.

It can happen in spite of everything, but little by little.

If you want your four-legged friend to have something to do with unpack it yourself then make sure not to use any swallowable bows, cords or adhesive tape. A lose wrapped in kraft paper or wrapping paper Pig ear does the trick perfectly.

Wrapping paper By the way, you can ball it up in a cardboard box before disposing of it and have a great sniffing box, in which you can always sprinkle a few cookies to keep your four-legged friend busy.

Christmas stress in the dog

From our dog’s point of view, Christmas is certainly an odd business:

Music and lights everywhere, spices, candles and a tree in the living room? Especially for reactive dogs, the pre-Christmas season harbors some challenges that you should consider in order to make Christmas fair for the dog.

  • Don’t bother your dog with animated Christmas dolls that move and sing funny songs. Even Christmas costumes are only acceptable for a Christmas photo (here you can find halfway dog friendly festive Christmas clothes).
  • Offer your dog one Retreatthat he already knows, e.g. a dog bed with a high edge or a closed folding box. Your dog has the right to rest and does not have to feel like Christmas and visitors.
  • Stand up for your dog’s rights! If your dog cannot get along with children, other dogs or the self-proclaimed dog expert among your relatives, then do not force him into such situations during Christmas visits.
  • Do not drag your dog onto the crowded christmas market or on the loud Christmas party!

If you take your dog to visit relatives, then Check your dog tags for legibility beforehand. We like Biothane dog tags or this one made of hard plasticbecause they don’t jingle so terribly. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time for that Registration at TASSO. And if there is a known risk of escape, the investment is in one GPS tracker for dogs makes sense.

When preparing for Christmas, think about old or sick dogs in the household. Create places of retreat here early on, at which too Dogs with dementia or blind dogs find their way around.

Planning a Christmas menu

We go to great lengths to plan our Christmas menu.

And the four-legged friend should also get something particularly delicious for the celebration of love? Yes, you are not alone, we do it that way too.

Here are a few thoughts about the Christmas menu for dogs:

  • Do not change the whole type of food for sensitive dogsjust because you want to sweeten their Christmas Never change a running system working diet and so, you know. Also at Dogs with allergy problems You’re doing yourself a disservice if you make exceptions instead of the usual food at Christmas and a double portion “Christmas special in jelly“Serve up.
  • If you have sensitive dogs, think about them a little too Ingredients of snacks and treats. When it comes to ready-made feed snacks, we all like to turn a blind eye to what they do Declaration concerns. The manufacturers know this, so that cheap Christmas treats often contain a lot of not so desirable ingredients like sugar, Artificial additives or find the unpopular by-products of all kinds. Then bake it yourself!
  • Pay attention to moppeligen Hunden a little careful that they don’t dust too much. If your family is unteachable and feeds your four-legged friend particularly generously at Christmas, then plan ahead and buy a few diet snacks that will be distributed allowed to!
  • Also remember that you have to go past Christmas dinner Have enough dog food and treats in stock. Because shops and also smaller online shops and frozen food senders have “between the years” closed. Plan ahead and buy a little more.

Can the dog nibble on the Christmas menu?

Officially, the dog should of course not get anything from our menu. Unofficially, however, most dogs are extremely happy about table scraps and will not be harmed, provided you a) do not overdo it and of course b) make sure what foods dogs can and cannot eat.

So there is nothing wrong with pampering a healthy dog ​​with a sturdy stomach with a little mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, steamed carrots and (for omnivorous dog parents) of course with a dollop of gravy and leftover meat. Either as a topping over normal food or as a filling in a suitable one Snack toys or one Schleckmatte.

What is the dog not allowed to get?

Here you can find information about which foods are okay for dogs.

You should avoid these foods, especially at Christmas time:

  • Bones are not a good one Holiday snack and, even at best, upset the digestion of many dogs. In addition, please never feed bones cooked and even raw even only in small quantities under supervision for raw-fed dogs that are used to it and do not gobble.
  • Spicy foods are not suitable for dogs. Salty dishes are not ideal, but at least they are tolerated in moderation, for example as a sauce blob or roast crust. You should not give your dog food that is refined with pepper, chilli, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, etc.
  • Onions and garlic contain sulfur compounds that are unhealthy for dogs. This only becomes a real problem in large quantities relative to body weight. But that can be achieved quickly with a toy dog.
  • Same goes for that Theobromine in dark chocolate and the Xylitol sweetener in “sugar-free” sweets. Both are dangerous for dogs and are more common at Christmas than usual.
  • Raisins and grapes are taboo for dogs. It is still unclear why these foods lead to severe kidney damage in dogs in individual cases, while other dogs can snack on grapes without any problems. But also here applies: Better safe than sorryright?
  • To Luxury goods such as sweets, tobacco or alcohol and also to Medication the four-legged friend should of course not have access. I only say this because, of course, especially during the Christmas season, when visiting relatives, there are a thousand temptations, especially for young dogs, which as a first-time dog owner are not even on your radar.

Employment in the Christmas season

Around Christmas our four-legged friends sometimes get a little short.

Because we are busy with gifts, planning, visits, phone calls, work and family stress. And dog clubs and dog schools are closed during or because of bad weather.

A little break from the usual routine is not at all wrong for many dogs!

And it can also help us if we have a little distance and ours Realign training goals and resolutions.

Dogs with which too much is done anyway, are probably happy to have a little more peace and quiet.

But there are also dogs that have changed due to the changed routines in Advent slowly builds up unrestlooking for a valve.

And ours too older four-legged friends complain less often, but often suffer from a lack of routine and insufficient address.

Here you can plan ahead smartly and plan small employment rituals in the winter time.

How about, for example, ever 5-15 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon after or during the walk, adapted to your dog? It often doesn’t take more to cuddle and move a normal dog sensible to use in normal everyday life.

Dry snacks, Enrichment toys or Antischlingnäpfe They don’t replace interaction with you. But they are a good alternative to boredom and keep you busy when you just can’t.

Beautiful Christmas pictures with a dog

You want to make some cute Christmas pictures and use them to make Christmas cards or …

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