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Dog biscuit cutter: Cookie cutters for dog biscuits

You are looking for Dog biscuit cutters? You are not alone in your hunt for the unusual Biscuit cutters for dog treats. Because if you make the effort to bake for your four-legged friend (or dog lover), it can look pretty too!

In addition to original dog breed contours also belong Hundepfoten- or Dog Bone Cookie Cutter into the collection Cookie cutters for dog biscuits.

Here I collect all the finds around animal cutters for dog cookiesso that you love yours Surprise dog lovers can. Because of course it is up to you whether you want to bake for your four-legged friend or the dog that goes with it.

Cookie Cutter Dogs

Do you want to bake small cookie cutter dogs? Then see if you can find the right cookie cutter for your favorite dog here.


Cookie cutters with dog motifs are also great give away as a little something to dog lovers. Either as a gift tag on one Present for a dear dog person or as a filling in Santa Claus boots or in a homemade one Advent calendar for dog lovers.

Find dog cookie cutters

  • At eBay You can also find occasional offers for Cookie cutters with dog motifs. Definitely worth a look, especially if you are looking for a very specific shape.
  • Im Shop by Bakerology at Etsy (UK) you will find many incredibly detailed and lovingly designed plastic cookie cutters suitable for many dog ​​breeds.
  • Im Etsy-Shop of Print (Poland) you will also find detailed plastic cookie cutters with dog breeds motifs. There you can even have one with a photo of your dog for an extra charge personalized dog cookie cutter get made!

Cookie cutter sets for dog biscuits

Once you start baking dog biscuits, you usually won’t get there with just one cookie cutter. If you are undecided, there are a few sets with the usual basic shapes in different compositions:

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

If you want to bake dog biscuits, you absolutely need at least one dog bone cookie cutter, I think. Large bones can be decorated and given away. And it is clear to everyone at first glance that these are dog biscuits for the dog.

Smaller bones are great for undecorated training biscuits. However, if you plan to start mass production here, I would be one Baking mat with bone pattern guess, this is more productive in the long run with less effort (Here are a few recipes for baking mat biscuits at the bottom of the post).

Dog paw cookie cutter

Dog paw cutters are very popular due to their embossed motif. And as a supplement to the classic dog bones, they simply belong in the range of biscuit cutters in the dog household.

However, there are only a few different variants here. Because pure contour shapes cannot be recognized directly as a dog’s paw. And there is simply not much that can be improved on the embossing cutters:

Fancy dog ​​biscuit cutters

Every owner of a hunting dog will have to smile about dog biscuits in the shape of a deer, hare or a neighbor’s cat. And dog biscuits in the form of dog toys such as teddy bears or a “ball” make for a nice, colorful mix to give away.

For herding dogs, it can also be sheep biscuits. And for an obedience dog or dog in IGP training, there can be little dumbbells. Unfortunately, there is not a suitable cookie cutter for every desired motif. But what is not, can still become. Otherwise you just have to get creative!

Buy cookie cutters for dog biscuits

For Dog biscuit cutter The same quality features apply as for your other cookie cutters. But each of us had to dispose of cookie cutters, which then just not quite like that rustproof and Premium were as advertised at the local Christmas market.

  • Cookie cutters should be made of rustproof material.

This is the only way you can do it properly and stress-free clean in the dishwasher. In addition to dog biscuit cutters made of stainless steel and tinplate, there are also various plastic molds. That is then a matter of individual taste.

However, it is also no drama to clean individual dog cutters by hand and dry them well if it is a fancy favorite motif.

  • The edge of the cookie cutter for your dog cookies should be ideally shaped.

If the edges are too wide, only thickly rolled out doughs can be processed, as you press more than you cut out. This sometimes happens, especially with plastic cookie cutters.

If you would like to use the cutters for other purposes (e.g. for handicrafts or for embossing self-baked rolls) or for doughs other than the classic shortcrust pastry (e.g. for yeast dough), you should probably see whether the individual reviews provide any hints on Let usability go.

  • Avoid shapes that are too filigree, otherwise the finished cookies will break quickly.

Of course, detail-loving cookie cutters are nice to look at. But if you can barely get the whole of the cookie dough on the baking sheet or break off parts of the baked dog biscuit immediately, then the effort is not worth it.

This is especially true if you want to give away your self-baked dog biscuits loosely in a biscuit bag or biscuit tin without everything crumbling during transport.

Problem areas are especially the tail, neck and legs of delicately designed dog breed cutters. Anyone who bakes compact dog molds such as pug, dachshund or basset has it easier as a lover of graceful greyhounds or long-legged dog breeds.

Tip: Bring your cut-out cookie dough into as compact a shape as possible before baking.

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