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Dog rabies and rabies in cats – AssurOpoil dog insurance

Rabies disease

Rage Rabies in dogs and cats is a deadly disease that directly attacks the animal’s nervous system. Present in France since 1968, rabies is a highly contagious virus that is transmitted from animal to animal by simple licking or biting and can be contaminated by the owner.

In dogs:

Canine rabies affects all dogs of all breeds, and no one is more likely than another to contract with him.

In cats:

The proof that rabies reaches feline breeds was only confirmed in October 2013. According to statistics, about 1600 cats a year die from rabies. Be aware that this disease is not hereditary and can infect all breeds of cats, for example Persians, British Shorthair Where Chartreux.

Symrabies pills

Symptoms of rabies are initially seen as simple inflammation when the virus enters, followed by mild fever. During this incubation period of the virus, which lasts between a few weeks and two years, it is not possible to identify whether or not the animal has rabies.

The pathology of rabies is generally recognized because of:

♦ The animal adopts extremely aggressive behavior and guarantees excess saturation and drooling excess.

♦ The sick animal will try to grasp anything in its immediate environment.

♦ The animal may be paralyzed immediately or even comatose immediately.

♦ At the same time, the dog, the cat can get convulsive seizures

♦ Respiratory disorders

♦ Or lack of coordination in the movements

Specificity at the dog enraged, unlike the cat: two-tone bark is recognizable. This is a trait that is generally used by the veterinarian to predict the presence of the disease.

Treatments and Prevention of Rabbits

Help To help your pet stay in good health, consider giving him his vaccine.

Sing You can vaccinate your animal for the first time against rabies from 12 weeks.
For the first time, the vaccine will take 21 days to become effective.

⇒ As soon as you notice that your dog has been bitten or ridiculed by a suspicious animal, your first instinct should be to go immediately to the veterinary center for a screening test.

⇒ Note that no treatment has been created to combat the disease today. The fight against canine rabies is therefore solely in the prevention and vigilance of owners on the surveillance of their pets. In addition to vaccination as the only clinical way to keep this pathology in place, you need to keep your animal away from any risk of infection and monitor its environment.

⇒ Be aware of the scope of this disease and its consequences on humans, knowing that a simple bite increases the transmission of the virus. If such cases occur, contact your veterinarian or attending physician immediately. In addition, all contact with anonymous animals, stray dogs and other cats should be avoided.

Rabbits in dogs and rabies in cats Mutuelle Animaux Assur O 'Poil

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Dog rabies and rabies in cats – AssurOpoil dog insurance

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