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Each cat breeds Assur O’Poil – Donskoy

History of the origins of cat breeds: all you need to know about cats. History and origins

The Donskoy, also known as the “Russian Sphynx”, is a cat found in 1988 and originated in Russia.
A blue cream woman found on the streets of Rostovune had many depilated plaques: she was called Varya.
At first, a woman (Irina Kovaloyva) who adopted her thought the animal was sick. Giving birth to a litter of hairless superstitions, she realized that it was in fact a genetic modification.
She then decided to introduce Varya to a Russian breeder, Irina Nemikina.
After several crosses, and many hairless superstitions found in each litter, she realized that this mutation had nothing to do with the one responsible for the nudity of the Sphynx. A new breed was then created: the Donskoy.
Today, the Donskoy has international recognition. His atypical appearance attracts the world.

A cat animal breeds character skills: everything you need to know about cats. Character and competencies

The character of Donskoy surprises as much as he looks: extremely curious, he will not hesitate to explore every nook and cranny of his surroundings, and will always be on your side to analyze your actions. They are very close to humans and cannot withstand loneliness: if you are away all day, this breed may not be for you. Like the Sphynx, the Donskoy skin has the characteristic of a lot of sweat, which will require weekly maintenance: accustomed to a very young age, the Donksoy loves to swim in lukewarm water!

cat animal breeds physical characteristics: all you need to know about cats. Physical characteristics

Average life expectancy: 12 years
Average height: 30 cm at the withers
Average weight: 3 to 7 kilos.

Cat without hair, the Donskoy has developed musculature. Her allure is elegant. The head has marked angles and prominent cheeks. The forehead is wrinkled. The eyes are almond shaped and the ears are very large and set high on the head. The tail is long and slender.

Cat breed breeds healthcare: everything you need to know about cats. Health and care

Her hairless skin generates a significant excess of sebum and makes you sweat a lot. It is therefore necessary to regularly clean the skin with a damp glove. Do not hesitate to take baths, he loves water.
Also, you will need to remember to apply sunscreen specially designed for animals in summer, to protect its skin during exposure to the sun.

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