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Feeding your cats well also means choosing industrial treats – AssuranceOpoil Chat Assurance

How to choose the right industrial deals for your cat?

“Feeding your cats well helps avoid the risk of obesity. “

Feeding your cat well: In general, pets love treats. This often stems from the fact that owners use this type of product to reward them for a good deed or simply to show them all the affection they have for them. This is not all bad, you need to be aware that the treats, in addition to his meals, are extra caloric contributions to your partner, which can harm his health. This applies to all types of pets and especially cats, who are more likely to worry about being overweight. To avoid any risk of obesity or other similar problem, you need to choose the treats to give your cat. It is aCat eats industrial treats: FoodIt is equally important to consider a few criteria to ensure that he remains in good health.

“You shouldn’t trust the price, because it’s not always the most expensive and not necessarily the cheapest. “

There are various brands of industrial deals available in the market and there is something for every budget and for every breed of feline. While many people tend to deny industrial deals, it must be acknowledged that there are certain qualities that cannot be denied. So sweets of this kind are well worth a more pronounced taste and more attractive shapes for the cat. However, these remarkable flavors include the main flaw of industrial treats. In order for the sweets to be tastier, it is clear that the fragrances need to be enhanced. Therefore, manufacturers resort to chemicals. This high content of chemical ingredients is the biggest weakness of factory-produced sweets, as they can cause health problems in cats. If you have decided to take industrial deals, various criteria need to be considered before choosing a particular item. You don’t have to trust price, because the most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest is not necessarily the worst. Every owner needs to know how to read labels and identify components of industrial deals. It will take into account the age of the feline to determine if a particular ingredient may be harmful or beneficial. For example, a treatment with a high lactose level may be beneficial for kittens, but not for adult cats. The cat is known to develop milk intolerance naturally after the weaning period. So milk can cause diarrhea in an adult cat, and vomiting is frequent. You should also know that a certain cat does not look like another cat. It may be subject to allergic reactions to certain food products, so the importance of reading labels carefully before buying a product in the supermarket.

“Cat breed is also a criterion to consider when choosing your cat treats. “Feeding Your Cats: Food

Once you have identified the allergenic product, following the advice of your veterinarian, you will need to be careful not to feed treats that contain this product. These allergens are usually found in fish, chicken or beef. To better choose the treats, the age of the cat is equally decisive. Among seniors, some industrial treats no longer suit them. This is especially true of corrosive and hard-to-chew products. Adult cat teeth are not as strong as younger cat teeth. Which means they have the best deals on offer. Among the criteria to be considered, cat breed also plays an important role in selection. In fact, the size of the treats needs to be adapted to the animal’s mouth. For example, in the case of Munchkin or Abyssinian, because it is small, a cookie that is too large will not fit as your cat will have difficulty putting it in his mouth and may even hurt his mucous membranes. In the case of Chausie or Holy Burma, larger in size, snacks that are too small may turn them off. As for the frequency with which you should give sweets, you are advised not to give them regularly to the cat. He may become accustomed to the strong taste of the treats and refuse other foods. In addition, ingestion of too many chemical ingredients in a short period of time can adversely affect the feline’s body in the long run. Like people, it is important to change the type of treatment you give him. It is a good way, for example, to eat sweets of industrial origin once in three times to keep the companion in good health and to make him happy with tasty snacks.

“Excessive consumption is not strongly recommended, especially in sterilized cats. “

Industrial treats are very suitable for cat owners who want to satisfy their cats, but do not have enough time to prepare these small treats themselves. The trick is to find out how to choose the most suitable product for his companion according to his age, race or even his specific food intolerances. There are no brands of cat treats, which can claim to be better than another. The choice is yours. However it should be remembered that the sweets must be consumed in moderation. Excessive consumption is not strongly recommended, especially in sterilized cats, who are more prone to rapid weight gain. For more advice on deals, don’t hesitate to ask your vet a question.

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Feed your cat well: food

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