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Giving the dog pills: tricks and tips

Help, my dog ​​doesn’t want to take pills!

Pretty much every dog ​​owner knows the problem. But, you know what? To be able to give tablets to the dog can quite stress-free expire and doesn’t have to be a drama at all!

Give tablets to the dog

How does your dog react when you hand him a pill?

Presumably he says “No you, thank you, don’t feel like it, you can keep your not-so-treats“And turns away from bored to disgusted.

And who can blame him?

Why on earth should he just feel like taking a pill, which may also smell and taste unpleasant, in his mouth or even swallow it? That takes a little Courage and trust from our dogs. Of course, brainless food addiction does it too …

With halfway greedy dogs do you still come with it by administering the tablet camouflaged in a treat or the dog food. Especially if your dog is already optimistic and expects to get tasty things from you.

For cautious and uncomfortable dogs looks quite different. Because a dog that is already testing an unfamiliar dog treat or an unknown type of food with only long teeth will react with even greater suspicion if you want to give it a bitter pill.

If you don’t want your dog to be suspicious and at all pill-smart you will heed a best a few Tips about the stress-free administration of medication for dogs.

Hide tablets in treats

Your dog should take pills from today and You don’t know how to give it without forcing the pill down his throat? Or you have just tried this yourself, but your dog has you now For the fifth time, the increasingly drooled tablet spat in front of my feet and is slowly getting tired of this nonsense?

Then the popular method to make the tablets palatable for your dog with treats your best choice for now!

However, that takes a little Acting from your side and is not suitable for every dog ​​in the long term. Simply because not every dog ​​likes to eat (especially when he is sick) and the method for very small dogs or Dogs on a diet is not practical.

Because with this method you are betting that your dog will not even find out about all the good things that happen to him.

1. Have goodies ready

For the method to work, your dog should have a few Have favorite foods that he is particularly keen on. And the softer the treat, the easier it is for you to swallow it without chewing. For example, many dogs like one of these Food:


Some foods naturally have a recess into which tablets can be pressed. For this reason, for example, are often Raspberries or Chicken hearts recommended.

I personally find kneadable foods like warm kneaded cheese or Camembert handy for wrapping tablets in it.

Especially if you want to serve large and small dogs or different tablet sizes in one go. But my dogs are active and can tolerate most foods, so I don’t have to pay great attention to fat, calories, or ingredients.

Of course, there are also aids that can be bought for this purpose:

The buyable ones Auxiliary treats I find however overpriced. After all, they are mostly just perfectly normal Soft treats with flavorings and a hole in the middle.


You can also use liver sausage or peanut butter Knead with a flour of your choice until you reach about the consistency of children’s clay. Then the mass is no longer quite as sticky and can be easily shaped and divided.

Most of them are for sale Softleckerli have a comparable consistency.

By the way, you can prepare this mass and freeze and thaw it in portions. Then you always have the right one Dog knuckles in the refrigerator, which you can also use as a great training treat.

When you have decided on a treat:

Have several of your good treats ready. Because you want to have enough goodies right away to generously distract the dog before and after the actual pill.

Remember: the more suspicious and uncomfortable your dog is, the bigger the chunks can get at the beginning!

The animated to loop (desirable in this case), at the same time reduces chewing and thus lowers the risk that your dog will even notice the tablet. And of course it enhances the desired effect that your dog will feel delighted with the unexpected rain of biscuits.

2. Hide the tablet

The first thing you have to do is hide your tablet in one of the treats. Be with the sham not too stingy‘You don’t want to be exposed!

  • In cut-resistant treats like sausages or cheese, you simply cut a slit and push the tablet into it.
  • For rather creamy treats like peanut butter, liver sausage or wet food, you have the tablet and a teaspoon ready.

3. Rapid Fire Treats

Everything ready? Then you can start!

You call your dog, show him the good treats and start zackzackzack to feed. You are also welcome to animate and celebrate your four-legged friend. It can be a bit hectic if it encourages your dog to eat.

You just want to get everything inside yourself gobbeltwhat you give him. Even the bitter pill.

It is best to start with 1-2 pieces of treats without a filling, then quickly give the goodie with the tablet and then add another 1-2 treats afterwards.

There’s another one here Video to the method (English, but can also be understood without sound):


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In the case of soft pastes, the administration is a little more difficult. Here you feed best with a teaspoon and at some point push the tablet unobtrusively into the heaped mass on the spoon.

Tablets can best be used in pastes with a texture such as “Peanut butter with pieces“Camouflaging as in smooth pastes.

Tips for administering tablets in treats

The Secret of the hidden tablet so it is quite obvious that the dog is getting his treats as quickly as possible without him noticing the tablet.

For most retrievers this is Treat suction function already innate.

For dogs that are not that crazy about food, a few can psychological tricks be helpful to make your chunks of food particularly attractive.

Give tablets as a daily ritual

Many dogs learn in a flash to read the signs as to whether you want to give them a pill or not. But what if every day is pill day?

We have, for example, 2-3 rounds of delicacies every evening, where every dog ​​around with long drooling threads is amazed at what delicious food could be in the fridge today. And if necessary, we also stuff tablets into these treats.

Apoquel (for the Allergy sufferers) and Karsivan (for the Omi) as a permanent gift.

Everyone should consciously participate here. Even those who don’t get any pills at all. Because if someone has to get new medication, they hardly notice it.

It goes without saying that such a joint feeding would not be appropriate if one of the dogs had problems with defending resources. But in our case, the competition is simply fueling the greed for the treats. And that is what is intended in our case.

We don’t even have to bother secretly hiding pills anymore. The dogs still participate voluntarily. Because the daily delicacies are always expected with so much anticipation that almost nothing can spoil the mood.

For dogs who like to eat, that’s one thing simple and stress-free solution just start right away.

Give the dog the tablet as a reward

Hard-working dogs in particular like to work for food and devour earned rewards more greedily than cookies. Here it can be worth trying the tablet hidden in a treat simply during a short concentrated training session to cheat to the other reward bites.

Dogs who like to chase chunks of food, you can then simply use the pill goodie throw or it roll across the floor.

It can also make a difference for your four-legged friend if you take your tablet treats with outside take and at the walk or when exercising outside embed. Because even a pill-smart dog doesn’t expect something like that here.

But be careful with sensitive dogs. You don’t want your dog not to hold that offense, distrust you or become skeptical about your training if he should notice your ruse!

All good things come from the kitchen

For some dogs it is enough the greed for the chunks of food to go up a bit so that they swallow everything without chewing.

And where do the best treats come from?

From a dog’s point of view: From your plate, from the kitchen or simply straight from the fridge, …

So if your dog sometimes succeeds in begging and you have no problem with it, you can actually use that. Instead of sharing your groceries, you just sneaky cheer on him with his tablet treats as if it were something Oh-so-special.

Dog tablets from the food bowl

Instead of hiding the pill for the dog in a treat, you can Of course, hide the medication directly in the dog’s food. This has the advantage that there is hardly any additional effort and you no longer have to make tablets tasty to the dog separately.

This method is particularly popular when the dog pats his food in with a relatively thoughtless spatula and the tablet does not taste noticeably disgusting. Gel capsules with feed oils and many liquid medications, for example, are usually eaten by dogs without any problems.

But be careful: bitter pills in dog food can make dogs skeptical. And with hers terrific sense of smell Our four-legged friends quickly learn to locate the tablet in their bowl.

But especially with already poor eaters, you usually want to avoid putting the dog on top of further food conflicts. Or accidentally teach him to continue avoiding feeding through negative experiences while eating.

So keep two things in mind:

  1. To make the tablet as inconspicuous as possible and edible, you should crush it and mix with a little meat stock, yogurt, wet food, honey or peanut butter.

    Depending on the tablet you can use a small one to crush Kitchen mortar or one Pill cutter (really practical by the way!).

  1. So as not to spoil the joy of eating for your dog, you should give the tablet mush as a topping on a small portion of your own before the actual feeding. Because then you can still give the dog his pill-free meal reward. when he should taste the tablet.

    And it is easier to get a small special portion into the dog if he actually doesn’t like to eat because of the nausea or pain.

Teaching dog to take pills

Wouldn’t it be cool and, above all, stress-free if you could teach your dog to easily take pills from your hand on hearing signals?

Because if your dog takes pills voluntarily, if you are independent of treats in the refrigerator, you no longer have to peep your dog and you can give tablets to the dog without food.

And not only skeptical and fussy dogs benefit from being with them leaves an honest choice in training and renounced bribes, incantations and pill camouflage.


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