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How to choose a dog bed for puppies and young dogs

When a new puppy moves in, there are always some new acquisitions.

The first of many is definitely part of the basic puppy equipment Dog beds for the little ball of fur. Dogs are actually quite undemanding and would sleep in a cardboard box without complaining. But we also want the dog bed not to look badly loveless as a piece of furniture.

The ideal dog bed gives the puppy one safe warm feelingso that he can relax without worries after exciting excursions. It serves as a Retreat and safe cave.

But also practical aspects such as size, Price-performance ratio, Durability and Washability are at Cuddly pillow for the puppy very important.

Incidentally, there is nothing at all against offering several sleeping places, between which the small dog can choose as required. For example, a dog bed in the living room and one in the bedroom.

Looking for more dog beds?

“Here you can find Dog beds made of easy-care synthetic leather.
“Here you can find joint-friendly orthopedic dog beds.

My tips for sleeping places and dog beds for puppies

The first dog bed for the puppy

In principle, you have two options:

Option # 1: You can buy one or two cheaper dog beds during the first year and only get a large dog bed when the dog is fully grown.

Illustration small dog bed for puppies

Option # 2: You buy a full-size dog bed right away and let your little dog “grow into” its initially too huge basket.

Illustration large dog bed for puppies

It will not take long, dog children grow very quickly.

Very small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Bolonka Zwetna or Chihuahuas usually reach their full height after a few months and then only gain minimal substance.

But also with Large breed puppies the increase in height slowly subsides during puberty and you can soon guess the full dimensions of the dog.

So it doesn’t make much sense to buy a new dog basket every month.

Regardless of the size, it is still sensible to buy a classy luxury bed for the new roommate.

A cheaper “test basket” makes more sense in the first few weeks together.

Especially with particularly lively puppies or during teething, it can quickly happen that the little bully gnaws at his dog bed unobserved or “shreds” it completely. That is why I cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend buying a high-priced dog bed for a puppy.

When First dog holder you also don’t have all the functional requirements (material, thickness, filling, etc.) of the dog bed on the umbrella. One would be very annoyed afterwards if one had spent a lot of money on a later unusable product.

In addition, not everyone can do the actual Final size predict his dog exactly, for example in the case of mixed breed puppies of unknown origin from animal welfare.

Does the puppy feel a little lost in a dog bed that has been bought too big?, you can first limit the berth with a few pillows.

Because many dogs like a little cramped “Cave feeling“And something to lean on while sleeping, that gives extra security and keeps you nice and warm.

Determine the minimum dimensions for the puppy dog ​​bed

Roughly speaking: a dog bed should always be big enough that the dog can spread out in full length and turn to the other side from time to time.

Because most dogs prefer to sleep stretched out or on their side when they are not cold.

Roughly measure the length of your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and add 10-30 cm. The dog basket for puppies should have this dimension on at least one side.

Tip: Measuring lively puppies usually doesn’t work that well. It is sufficient if you let your puppy eat something out of your hand and make two rough markings (with pencil or chalk) on the floor, which you can measure later. Or you wait until your puppy lies on its side and is soundly asleep before sneaking up with the measuring tape.

Illustration dog bed size eat

Of course, when making this estimate for a young dog, you should plan a little more space in case of doubt, so that the dog basket doesn’t get too tight again.

Similar to adult dogs is directed the ideal size of the dog bed depending on how big the dog is and how it prefers to sleep.

  • Puppies who like to sleep curled up tend to prefer a round bed with a high edge.
  • Puppies who like to sleep stretched out tend to prefer simple lying mats that they can lie over the edge.

Since you don’t know each other very well at the beginning, I don’t choose dog beds that are too narrow for my puppies. Every imaginable sleeping position should be comfortable.

Can the puppy simply share a dog bed with the first dog?

If a first dog already lives in the household before the puppy moves in, the idea of ​​simply buying a large bed that both dogs should share is tempting.

I advise against that! It is quite normal that a first-time dog is initially not very fond of its new “sibling”. It is our job to offer our older dog their own retreat where they are safe from the little nuisance.

Not all dogs like to cuddle. Not all sleep types can be combined. If dogs get along well enough later to want to lie together or swap and share beds, great! But you shouldn’t force this decision on them just because it’s so cute.

Every dog ​​should have its own dog bed. So you should buy the new puppy their own bed.

What requirements does the puppy have of the dog bed?

There are tons of different dog bed types that you can choose between.

Which dog bed is ideal for you and your puppy can only be determined individually based on the following criteria:

Does your puppy move in in winter?

In the cold season, you inevitably spend more time indoors. The basket is therefore used more often.

Long-haired Cubs remain a bit clammy even after the best possible drying attempt. Or after a cold, muddy walk, their fur is so dirty or full of snow bobbles and road salt that you have to put it in the shower regularly.

Here is a waterproof, washable mat (with or without a rim) washable insert pillow or washable cover is the most practical solution. In summer you simply take off the cover and you have a perfect basket for the summer.

Short haired and small puppies freeze particularly quickly in winter and want a particularly cozy and warm dog bed.

Since the fur of short-haired dogs does not hold as much dirt and moisture, you can offer a dog bed with cuddly fabric here. On Sleeping place with a particularly high edge is usually well received, as a puppy is great for digging in here.

In return, such a warm bed should be exchanged for a slightly more airy bed in the summer. Or you can offer an additional dog bed (sooner or later you will have several cups anyway).

How thick is your puppy’s fur?

When it comes to choosing the right dog bed, it of course makes a difference whether a naked dog puppy or a husky puppy moves in with you.

Dogs without an undercoat freeze particularly quickly and want a warmer place to sleep than a puppy that is too warm at room temperature even without a pad.

For particularly frozen puppies Folding boxes, cave beds and Dog sleeping bags an.

Puppies that are particularly sensitive to heat prefer to sleep spartanically Bunk beds Artificial leather mats or one elevated lounger. Both solutions also reduce the cleaning effort during coat change and muddy weather.

Is your puppy lively and destructive?

In the first few months, dog children are bubbling over with energy and high spirits, but they do not yet have any mechanisms to channel their overflowing emotions into channels that are appropriate for us.

Many puppies of particularly excitable dog breeds usually resist falling asleep (“it’s all unfair, I’m not tired at all!”) Or are much too excited after trips and need a while to realize how tired they are.

Before going to sleep there is often a wild rush to and fro and everything that can be found is dug, scratched or chewed on.

Of course, part of the long-term training of the small dog is to convince him that his and our furniture is not there to be destroyed or to let off energy.

At the beginning (and also later in the dog’s life) it helps to offer a suitable opportunity to help relax, e.g. a chew or a filled ball of food. This distracts from destructive activities.

Ideally, the puppy should not have the opportunity to see how much fun it is to pull the filling out of the dog’s bed or how easy it is to make a hole in textile outer fabrics.

It can also be dangerous for the puppy if it clears out the filling material of its basket and eats it unobserved. This is because the filling usually consists of large pieces of indigestible material and if swallowed can lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.

The dog bed for such puppies should not be so small and light that it can be carried around and mistaken for a toy. You should also do without additional pillows filled with cotton wool.

Dog beds with wooden frames, rattan, raffia or wicker happy to buy puppies invite you to gnaw!

To protect the cover of the dog bed from the sharp puppy claws, you can use a heavy insert with rubberized underside use.

And you should have a bed from the start durable material buy when you know that a small bundle of energy is moving in.

Is your puppy particularly big or small?

For puppies of very small breeds Cuddly, plush dog beds with all-round borders are ideal. Very small dogs in particular freeze quickly and feel more secure in one Cave bed, one Dog sleeping bag or one Faltbox.

Many small dog owners already have a transport bag for their puppy. Nothing speaks against using this solution dual and putting it at home as an additional sleeping option.

Yes, even small dogs should be allowed to explore the world on their own two feet, but under certain safety and transport aspects it makes sense to buy a transport bag for particularly small and sensitive puppies.

With particularly gigantic puppies you should pay attention to a good and sufficiently thick padding. Large breeds of dogs grow particularly quickly, which makes them more prone to joint problems.

And because of the high weight, lying down without padding promotes the formation of sores.

Here you should do without sleeping places that are too thin from the start voluminous dog bed choose. Many mastiff owners actually use children’s mattresses or large bean bags or pillows from human needs as dog beds.

Do you need a dog bed on the go?

Many puppies find it easier to fall asleep through rituals. Insecure puppies in particular benefit when a familiar sleeping place gives them security in unfamiliar places.

It also makes training easier if you set clear criteria on the go. “Here you can stay and relax, There you shouldn’t go there ”is easier to define for you and easier for the puppy to understand if the sleeping place you have taken with you offers clearly recognizable boundaries.


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