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How to make sure your cat is well hydrated? – AssurOpoil Cat Insurance

Cat dehydration: the heat can be dangerous

Cat Dehydration: Like humans, cats can heat stroke and dehydrate cats, especially in summer and spring. Unfortunately, he does not have the ability to express it by voice, unlike men. Symptoms of dehydration in felines often lead to their inability to stand up, convulsions and tremors associated with visible discomfort in the animal, causing it to become weak and increase its nervousness. Further examination, such as raising its temperature, will confirm hyperthermia, the source of the dehydration and in this case the animal’s body temperature rises to 40 ° C. Such a situation is extremely dangerous for the cat and can be fatal for him . What measures to take if your cat ever has a heat stroke? And especially how to hydrate your cat to avoid such symptoms?

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Identify the signs of dehydration in cats

It should first be noted that all cat owners must listen to their animal, to be alert to the slightest changes in their behavior. All this in order not to miss any possible signs of illness, and heat stroke in particular. You should know that excessive temperature rise is also a source of heavy dehydration, it causes more serious damage to your cats’ brain system. This can damage neurons and cause edema in the brain, leading to seizures. Heat stroke can also cause acute kidney failure and other bowel problems. In order not to encounter such extreme situations, it is a matter of recognizing the first signs, such as the animal ‘s plastic cramps, its inability to remain calm or the discomfort it shows by being more aggressive than usual. The first thing to do at this time is to give it fresh water. The owner can then wet it slightly, always with cool water and especially without ice cold to avoid a too rapid temperature drop, which would do more harm to the cat. If the symptoms reach a more critical stage, do not delay bringing your cat to a veterinary clinic., making sure to cover it with a damp towel during the trip and bring it to a drink to alleviate dehydration. It can prevent your pet from any risk of heat stroke. Thanks to our partner, you will no longer have to worry about the costs incurred by a visit to the vet.

Cat dehydration: Prevention, as the only solution

All this can be avoided, however, if preventive measures are implemented to overcome the problem of temperature rise. One of the measures to be taken is to ventilate the room where the animal lives. The fresh air in the morning and evening helps to maintain ambient temperature in the room. Another option is also to use the air conditioner or fan, as long as it is not aimed at the animal. And the most important thing is to keep the cat hydrated, as felines and water are not usually the best friends in the world. So the owner is in charge of making sure his animal drinks regularly. However, be careful not to give your cat ice water, this can lead to acute diarrhea and other complications that exacerbate the cat’s dehydration effect.

His master is responsible for hydrating his cats in hot weather. While a harmless gesture guarantees the good health of the pet and protects it from the dangers of heat stroke. It is advisable to give your cat a drink as often as possible, especially in hot weather, summer or spring. It will encourage the cat to refresh the water in the bowl regularly. When you go out without your cat, never forget to put enough water in his bowl so that he can satisfy his thirst. When traveling, always remember to put water in a bowl in the cradle where the cat will be carried.

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