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Human Communicable Disease: Curly Hair in Cats – Assurance Chat AssurOpoil


A disease that affects cats and their owners

What is a cat moth?

It is an infection that affects the cat ‘s skin and hooves. It is a highly contagious zoonosis that can infect the owner and all the animals in the house. A microscopic fungus causes a curved hair that passes through the skin through small lesions, such as the mite spirit trail for example. This disease affects all breeds of cats. But those with weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to it.


When this yeast is visible, one or more round hairless lesions appear. These lesions can be accompanied by very thin films and can be found on the muzzle, on the edges of the ears or all over the animal’s body. They are 1 to a few centimeters in diameter depending on the case. The disease also affects the base of the cat’s claws. Curly hair does not affect the general health of the cat and also does not protect. The veterinarian bases his diagnosis on the appearance of the lesions. Other tests can strengthen analyzes such as examining the hair or using a Wood lamp to highlight the fungus.


Your vet may prescribe timely care such as lotions and ointments, or oral medications. There are also herbal treatments such as essential oils made from Tea Tree that have antifungal properties. But the doctor will necessarily recommend you to disinfect the whole house in order to protect all its occupants from impact. If your pet is infected, you should also avoid contact with it. You can also use smoke treatments to remove all traces of spores from your home.

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