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Insure your dog or cat without knowing its age

Know the age of the dog, the age of the cat to be able to determine it, how to do?

Can a pet be insured without knowing its age?

While some owners choose to adopt their pets, others prefer to introduce cats or dogs that they have received or visited by chance. In order to be able to insure these pets, however, it is necessary know exactly how old the dog or cat is. In fact, the age of the animal is one of the criteria requested to validate the donation with animal insurance as with Assur O’Poil.

Age group to be listed with Assur O’Poil insurance

Assur O’Poil cannot take care of all cats and dogs presented to their owners, but under certain conditions. The contract offered by this insurance company only guarantees reimbursement of veterinary costs for pets aged between 2 months and 10 years on the day the membership contract is signed. It is then necessary to know the age of the animal so that it can be insured and take advantage of all the guarantees.

Methods for identifying the age of your pet

If your animal was found or taken without any identification document, the best indicator of his age is his teeth. In fact, the veterinarian can estimate the age of the dog or cat by observing the growth of his teeth. This method will allow you to indicate the age group in which the protégé is small. For example, cat milk teeth appear between 2 and 4 months of age. Approximation is also obtained by establishing the relationship between the size, weight and age of the animal. Moreover, these methods will already give an insight into what he should adhere to as soon as his companion becomes an adult. If your pet is within the age compatible range, it will have insurance.

Insure the animal for life

The next step is to provide the necessary documents certified by the veterinarian to obtain the insurance contract. This will save you an extra visit to the vet. Once the papers are in order, you will no longer have to adapt the formula to the needs of your companions. To protect your animal in the event of an accident or illness, choose the complete formula. It is true that the insurance company will take care of even the most difficult unexpected events, which will lighten your wallet.

Fortunately, no matter what insurance formula you choose, be aware that the guarantees do not vary with the age of the animal. They will still be able to take advantage of all the guarantees even as they age. Only on the day of membership must his profile meet the conditions imposed by Assur O’Poil. Once insured, your little companion will stay like that for the rest of his life.

Age of dog, age of cat: Insure your animal without knowing its age

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