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Light tow leashes for puppies

A four-legged friend moves in and you want to be well prepared. Great for Basic equipment for puppies Of course, one also belongs light tow leash for puppies. This takes care of the optimal control over the young dog and enables you to do that Training of signals at a distance and with increasing distraction.

Which tow leash is a good choice for puppies, depends on Size of the dog (zB Bolonka vs. Labrador) from. And about how you want to use the tow leash on puppies (z.B. Hausleine vs. Trainingsleine). A good Puppy tow leash gives you control in every situation so that you can get your own hedge young dog and discourage undesirable behavior can.

Checklist: tow leash for puppies

  • There are no special tow lines for puppies. Basically, you can use any tow line that suits your needs fits the size and weight of the dog. And of course there are small differences between a Dachshund puppy and a juvenile Rottweiler. Here you can find for example extra light and thin tow leashes for very small puppies and mini dog breeds.
  • When to start with the tow line, also depends on the individual case. Ideally, your dog never gets a chance to savor the temptations of undesirable behaviors (don’t come back, rummage, poach, get distracted, play hash-me, …).
  • Of course, it depends on the individual dog whether and when a training leash is necessary. Some small terriers would like to disappear into the tall grass hunting rabbits at the age of 8 weeks, while other puppies would never come up with such ideas. The following applies to beginners: Better safe than sorry!
  • Just at the beginning of puberty at 4-5 months (i.e. at the transition to the young dog) young four-legged friends become more independent and expand their radius of action. At the latest at the first signs of this, you are well advised to put a tow leash on your budding puberty. Of course, it is better not to wait first until you put your puppy on the leash needed.
  • Im Post about tow lines you can find information about different variants (material, hand strap, etc.).
  • How long should the puppy leash be?
    • If you have a Puppy drag leash in the house want to create, are sufficient depending on the dog and living situation 2-5 meters long in order to be able to secure the dog quickly if necessary.
    • For one Freewheel and training leash are depending on the dog and level of training 5-15 Meter appropriate. Remember: You and your dog must first practice the optimal handling of this long linen salad, so it is better not to start too long.
  • We recommend not that flexible and also very easy to care for Tow leashes made from Biothane and Tow leashes made of rubberized nylon, because they don’t get tangled up and are easier to manage. For one Hausleine are enough too Webbing or cord.
  • If in doubt, we recommend one for beginners Tow leash with hand loop. If the line is to drag on the ground as the training progresses, you then simply cut off the handle and possibly tie a knot in the end of the line.
  • Nylon belts and cords are due to their affordable price quite popular. But: They soak up with water, knot easily and, if handled inexperienced, are particularly easy to cause burns if they slide along bare skin. And they are not very hard-wearing, fray quickly and then tend to tear off under the action of force (read: a hop into the end of the line) even with small damage.
  • When using a house leash, make sure that your dog does not get the idea of ​​biting through the leash, because that can become an expensive hobby in the long run. Apart from special tether lines with sheathed steel rope and yard chains, of course, no normal line is bite-proof!
  • When using a towline we recommend sturdy footwear, Gloves and a long trousers. And one for the young dog Chest harness and possibly one Shock absorber.

Recommended tow leash for puppies

Bestsellers: puppy leashes

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