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Never freeze again! Find the best dog coat for your four-legged friend

If your dog freezes quickly or has to wait for you in the cold even in colder temperatures, you should give him one warming dog coat indulge. Because even dogs can freeze their furry butts off and just as little get used to the cold as we do.

An additional one is particularly important Isolation by a dog’s coat for puppies, senior dogs and dogs without a protective undercoat.

A dog coat also protects against snow bobbles on the chest and splashing water. I therefore recommend one to you Dog coat with belly protection. Everything else doesn’t really make much sense.

I’ve already written about which dogs should wear a dog coat in wintern and what you may have to pay attention to when buying.

Here you can finally find a list with the best dog winter jackets for the coming bad weather season!

Dog coat by Hurtta®

The Finnish supplier of dog coats Hurtta offers real functional clothing for dogs. From softshell coats to normal dog winter jackets to overalls and dog coats for more extreme demands, you can find pretty much everything in the Hurtta range.

Here you can find more products from Hurtta on Amazon.

Dog coat from Ruffwear®

Ruffwear is definitely one of the providers of particularly high-quality winter clothing for dogs. Here you will find well thought-out products that have been tested in the field.

Here you can find dog jackets in the Ruffwear brand shop on Amazon.

Wolters dog coat®

Wolters Cat & Dog offers high quality and functional clothing for dogs.

Browse through the Wolters products here.

Dog coat from Trixie®

If you have a dog, you can hardly avoid having Trixie products. You will of course also find a good product in the Trixie range for dog coats.

Dog coat from Hunter®

Hunter offers a wide range of dog products including a full range of dog jackets for all weather conditions.

This way to the outdoor clothing for dogs from Hunter.

Dog winter jackets from other providers

Which criteria are important when buying a dog coat for the winter?

Sure, a winter coat for dogs should basically meet the same requirements that we have for our winter jackets:

The dog coat should keep the dog warm, even in bad weather and icy temperatures.

How suitable, weatherproof and warm a dog’s winter coat is depends on a few criteria.

There isn’t one perfect dog coat for all occasions.

How good the dog coat should be depends primarily on the intended use. If the dog is only supposed to wear the coat while waiting in the car, there are different requirements than with dog coats, which are supposed to keep your dog warm on longer autumn and winter walks.

I’ve already written about a few factors that make a good winter coat for dogs.

Here is an overview of all the important points about buying a coat for your dog:

The thickness of the layers of material in the dog’s coat

In contrast to pullovers and rain jackets for dogs, a winter jacket has several layers of material.

A water-repellent and weather-resistant layer on the outside and inside a soft insulation layer that is comfortable to wear.

As with our winter coats, different outer fabrics offer different levels of weatherability.

Even with dogs, the fabrics used range from particularly windproof softshell to not so weatherproof nylon fabrics or fabrics that soak even in light rain showers.

Breathable materials are far less important for the dog than for us, the coat can be quite weatherproof from the outside.

Because dogs are known to not sweat over their body skin, so no body fluids have to be removed even in a thick winter coat.

And a dog coat does not necessarily have to be particularly extra-soft on the inside, because of course most dogs have fur and do not feel the dog coat directly on the skin (for naked dogs and dogs with thinning fur, this is of course an important factor).

With the inner fabric it is more about the fact that in roughened fabrics such as fleece, sweat fabric or teddy plush, an air layer forms that isolates the dog and keeps the warmth in the coat.

Because it is precisely this function that is actually performed by the undercoat that is missing in many dogs and should be replaced by the dog’s coat.

Higher quality dog ​​coats often have additional layers of hi-tech fabrics.

These special materials should usually ensure that good thermal insulation for your dog is achieved here on thinner layers.

This is why dog ​​coats with special insulation materials are far less thick than dog coats that try to achieve the same effect with only two layers or stitching.

So don’t be fooled by first impressions.

A particularly thick coat is not necessarily better or warmer than a thin functional winter coat for your four-legged friend.

On the contrary, many of the high-quality dog ​​coats are made extra thin and offer your dog much better freedom of movement with the same or better insulation.

Fit and freedom of movement

A dog coat should offer the dog as free a range of motion as possible.

The sticking points here are above all the right fit and the adjustment options and the question of how to attach the leash.

Dog coats with integrated harness are certainly a good solution for calm and smaller dogs.

With wilder dogs I lack a little confidence in such a solution. Here I advise you to do one Dog coat with leash opening for chest harness to search.

Thankfully, more and more providers of winter dog jackets are considering that harness carriers must somehow be leashed and are considering such openings in their patterns.

The dog coat should fit well all around.

If the dog’s coat is too tight, it pinches the elbow area in particular and forces the dog to take little steps.

However, a dog coat that is too wide allows too much cold air to penetrate and then no longer warms properly.

Dog coat too big

The high quality dog ​​coats offer a Abundance of setting optionsso that the coat can be adapted to the individual body shape of your dog.

With elastically sewn-in straps and cord stoppers, you can adjust the size of the neck and waist to the right size, at least with good dog coats.

Luxury coats and designer coats for dogs with annoying appendages such as a hood or fur trim may look cute, but they too only hinder the dog and are of no functional use.

And unfortunately, even with dog jackets, as a consumer, you can never be sure whether these fur collars are actually all made of faux fur.

Dog coats with legs should have cuffs or a way to put them close together. Because many dogs are irritated by walking around with their bell-bottoms open. Apart from the fact that an open pant leg does not prevent a snow pompom in the fur.

Either way, depending on the dog’s coat and body shape of the dog, you should make sure that a sufficiently good fit is guaranteed.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s measurement instructions!

Many suppliers of winter jackets for dogs use different measuring points depending on the pattern.

So don’t just rely on information such as “back length” and “neck circumference”, but actually take a look at the measurement instructions from the providers to find out from where to where you should measure.

Size specifications such as S, M, L and XL are often deceptive when fitting a dog’s coat.

Because especially with the Asian suppliers a coat in 4XL is sometimes only Yorkie size, but is shown on the product picture on a Labrador.

The dog coat must be easy to put on!

There are different approaches to putting the coat on and attaching it to the dog.

Not all of these options are suitable for every dog ​​and many ideas are often meant nicely or cannot be applied differently, but are annoying in practice.

My dogs are quite stoic about putting on dog clothes (thanks to training!).

Over the years, the weak points of many dog ​​coats have become apparent to me.

French Bulldog with dog coat

I like dog coats bestthat you put over your neck at the front and then only have to close with click buckles.

Dog coats, which you put on the dog’s back and then somehow close the front and sides, are usually included Velcro fasteners delivered.

In all honesty: even with medium-haired dogs this is pure horror.

Too tight? You have to tear open the coat again. Too far? Again from the beginning.

Every time hair gets stuck in the Velcro fastener and the dog is quite annoyed until you even have a fastener.

And of course, Velcro fasteners are so full of dog hair and dirt from the walk in no time that they simply give up the ghost and no longer hold it.

Dog winter jackets that are closed by a zipper on the top or on the side of the dog’s back, require some practice and routine to get dressed quickly.

Because that means that you first have to fumble the dog’s paws through the small leg openings and against the elastic pull of a cuff on the coat leg.

The thumb claws easily get stuck and not every dog ​​tolerates it without appropriate training if you take their paws and pull them through these creepy openings.

However, I also see the clear advantage here: This type of dog coat offers functional all-round protection when worn.

The price differences when buying a coat

Now for an important criterion when buying a dog coat: your budget.

Yes, there are wonderful dog coats for dogs that don’t break the bank and aren’t twice as expensive as your own winter jacket.

However, there are a few often overlooked factors to look out for:

Many cheap dog coats only look warm, but are not very functional for the dog.

Inexpensive plastic is used outside. And the fleece inside is mostly of poor quality and prone to pilling.

Even really thick dog jackets are not necessarily warm or waterproof.

Yorkie with dog coat

And for cheap Asian goods I would advise you to wash the coat at least once before putting it on your dog.

If you compare pictures, you will quickly notice that many of the particularly cheap models are imitations of the expensive quality models.

Sure, you can save with such imitations, which sometimes almost border on plagiarism. But then you have to live with possibly poor workmanship and poorer material properties.

I therefore advise you to look for a model with many positive customer ratings before buying a dog coat so as not to buy an inferior product.

Wash and groom the dog’s coat

Before buying, make sure that the dog coat of your choice is easy to clean.

In order to maintain the water-repellent properties of a high-priced dog coat for a long time, you should avoid using fabric softener and the tumble dryer.

And in the washing machine you should also make sure not to let the dog coat run on the spin program. Because this causes the reflective strips and seams that are often attached on the outside to peel off.

You can wipe off coarse dirt on the outside of the dog jacket with a damp cloth.

But of course, a dog that likes to run around in the mud or in geruchsintensiven Things wallowing, even in winter do not stop doing it.

In such cases, of course, you can always wash your hands by hand.

But honestly:

Who would…

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