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Puppy checklist for initial dog equipment: are you ready?

The puppy acquisition is well thought out and you are already counting down the weeks and days until your long-awaited puppy finally moves in? Then I have reason to be jealous and first of all I wish you a warm welcome to the club of dog lovers!

Before the “Adventure dog“You can start with this one Puppy Checklist quickly check whether your Dog initial equipment is complete and you have thought of the basic formalities that you should have done before moving in.

Acquisitions and puppy accessories

To Initial equipment for puppies there are a surprising number of components. To keep track of things, you can find one here List of puppy accessories.

For those in a hurry: You can find one here Checklist for initial puppy equipment as PDF.

You don’t have to buy all of it from scratch. And it doesn’t always have to be the noble version of everything. As a first-time dog owner, you first have to try out what makes sense for you and your puppy in everyday life and what does not necessarily. This is completely normal.

Dog bed and dog blankets for puppies

You need one or more for a puppy Dog blankets or dog beds for different occasions. And you also want to change the blankets.

On the one hand, puppies sleep a lot and the toddler should also be comfortable (although most puppies don’t need it to be so cuddly). And on top of that, it makes sense to be able to assign the dog a suitable place to sleep while on the move.

You can find one here Advice about good puppy beds.

Harness for puppies

For lack of training and better knowledge, a puppy likes to jump into the end of the line with a running start. Well-fitting harness is the much more comfortable item of clothing that offers a lot of freedom when exploring.

A dog harness for puppies is also an absolute must when using long roller and tow leashes! Make sure to use a harness that does not restrict the puppy and yet cannot be stripped off.

Dogs that are supposed to wear harnesses later in life are also best accustomed to them when they are puppies.

You can find one here Guide to good dog harnesses.

Collar for puppies

Most of the puppies have already been used to wearing a collar by the breeder. Because if you walk on or off the leash flawlessly in everyday life, you don’t necessarily need a harness.

Since most puppies grow very quickly, in my opinion a simple adjustable collar is sufficient in the first few months to get the puppy used to wearing it (under supervision).

Leashes for puppies

With puppies you have to somehow balance the balancing act between exploring the world, safety and training to be on the leash. Different lines are helpful for this.

  • Retractable cords involve certain risks due to their pull-out mechanism and can also make it more difficult for the puppy to learn to be on the leash with the constant pull of the pull-back function. Even if I clearly do not recommend them for puppies, I know that some dog owners like to use them for the quick nightly pee round to the next bush.

Toys for puppies

The range of cute puppy toys is huge and the little dog is of course happy about every new addition to the initial puppy equipment that you offer (although there is usually no difference between expensive toys and an old cardboard box).

Make it clear to yourself that different toys serve a different purpose and that absolutely no toy can survive attacks with the ultra-sharp puppy teeth in the long term.

And of course it makes a huge difference whether you have a large working dog with energy and a hunting instinct (not always a good idea as a first dog) or want to get a little cozier little companion dog.

  • Training toys for puppies serve to reward the puppies by playing together. To play properly has to be learned and good Tug toys can be helpful here. Because with sufficiently long straps, toys can be dragged through the grass like a stimulus rod, a large bite area is gentle on your tender fingers and springy bungee toys are easy on the puppy and you.
  • Activity toys such as intelligence, chew and feed toys should be as robust as possible and serve to keep the puppy busy for a while. Functionality and safety have to be judged with common sense, because hardly any toy for puppies is like this indestructible how the manufacturers advertise it. In addition: Good activity should make the most of one’s workload and not unnecessarily stimulate the young dog.
  • It makes sense for puppies and many adult dogs Rotate toys regularly. This keeps the interest in well-known dog toys.

Here you can find advice on everything good snack toy, Schleckmatten for dogs or Sniffing piches.

  • Throwing toys such as balls or frisbee are not suitable as toys for puppies. Because stereotypical throwing balls is neither beneficial for adult dogs nor puppies for the psyche and joints. Small low-impact retrieval games as part of, for example, grounded feed dummy training, are excluded.
  • And also toys that are too softfrom which the puppy can remove small parts that are too easily swallowed are taboo. This is especially true for plush toys and splintering wooden and plastic toys from children’s needs. But also many of the cheap, colorful toy sets in stores are pure China junk.

Dog food for puppies

Especially with the Food choices for puppies you don’t want to go wrong. But it is precisely with this topic that you can quickly become unsettled by all the contradicting statements. Because the selection is huge and the market is hotly contested.

Just the question of the form of feeding, e.g. whether Raw feed (here I recommend the straightforward BARF brochure by Swanie Simon for information) or Dry food or wet fooddepends on many factors. And then, in all considerations, the preferences of you and your dog also decide.

Since you will feed the many small rations in the day of a puppy more often on the go if necessary, simple food storage containers with lids like in this set can also be used here.

You can find one here Guide to puppy food and more Topics all about dog food.

Bowls for puppies

You will need at least one for your puppy Water bowl for the home (rather several for outside, inside, puppy run, etc.) and preferably one more Silicone folding bowl for on the go.

Of the Food bowl is also part of the initial dog equipment. Remember, however, that you use a large part of the daily rations as a reward for good decisions your puppy and use for employment will. Lining for free but it has to be set up at times!

You can find one here Guide to anti-sling bowls.

It has proven itself in the dog bowls on one stable, non-slip design and hygiene. Because puppies like to make a little mess or cause their full water bowl to be carried away.

I would also only buy a pretty wooden feeding station or dog counter when the little dog no longer feels the urge to gnaw at everything.

Training treats for puppies

For good, fair training with your puppy, you need many (and by that I mean an incredible number) small, soft, tasty ones Reward bites. Dry puppy food is often too boring here (and the dog can decide what to consider rewarding). Raw and wet feed, on the other hand, is difficult to transport.

So here are various additional ones Trainingssnacks in the game. Most puppies love chopped cheese cubes or hot dogs during training. Also the Liver sausage tube and cuttable Dog sausage and semi-moist foods are proven classics for training.

Chews for puppies

Most puppies are always hungry, so that is Kausnacks and Nibbles in addition to training and feeding, it is also great for quiet occupation and have it used as a transition routine before the afternoon nap.

Anything comes into question here safe for the puppy is (so nothing where the long, pointed puppy teeth or the jaw can get stuck in), which the puppy does not loop down in one piece and in the long term not too greasy and rich is.

Whole bones, questionable chewing items from Asia, baked goods and delicacies with a huge number of additives are not suitable or do not add any added value even if they are easily digestible. So why feed?

Are better Dry chews for dogs (We order from Barabas, whose “puppy sticks” are great in the first week for small and medium-sized puppies) and foods such as apple wedges and carrots, which can be combined in a variety of ways.

You can find one here Food guide for dogs.

Do you have to specifically employ puppies?

The daily routine with a puppy soon follows a more or less orderly one Routine (which realistically at the beginning is mainly determined by the pee needs of the little four-legged friend) from many small waking and resting phases.

The waking phases are filled with age-appropriate excursions to the Socializing the dog child with the environment, first small training sessions and lots Cuddles and common games. Also Bed Time Wars („I am not tired yet“) And other discussions around budding bad habits and a good everyday upbringing just happen.

And then you might want to have a break and be happy when your puppy is busy alone or best of all, simply sleeps a lot every day. Because of course the puppy has to learn to stay alone for a while.

And then such a puppy also needs a lot of time and patience just to be able to watch the world at its own pace.

This is more than enough to do in the first few weeks after your puppy has moved in. Especially with the puppy the risk is more on the side of overemployment. Because many first-time dog owners confuse an excessively cranked puppy (which actually needs to be put in the home bed) with an underutilized dog.

Collapsible box for puppies

Raising a puppy is exhausting.

If you have your puppy permanently in view and manage to prevent unwanted behavior from occurring in the first place and to reward good decisions, you will soon be rewarded with a good dog child.

But let’s be realistic. Sometimes the doorbell rings, you might want to wash your hair or you just need a break from the puppy chaos.

A puppy run or a spacious transport box is ideal here, in which the young dog can sometimes be left out of sight unobserved.

You can find one here Advice about the puppy run.

If you take it slowly, the dog can do his thing Faltbox as Ruhezonhe accept and learn to appreciate. And that makes your everyday life, the night’s rest and also activities with puppies much easier for you.

Make sure that you choose a box with sufficiently large doors and preferably an opening on the top so that you can comfortably put your puppy in here. And also keep in mind that your puppy is still growing.

Here I would like to urgently point out that, contrary to popular belief, dogs are not cave dwellers and a folding box must not be used as a “miniature kennel” for being locked up for hours, as an educational substitute or for custody into adulthood!

Grooming needs for puppies

Sooner or later you will have to buy some grooming products for your dog. These include, for example Tick ​​removal products, Vermin protection or…

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