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Recommended mantrailing lines

With the Trailleine you are directly connected to the dog during the search work. A good mantrailing line is therefore an important part of the mantrailing equipment and should therefore be carefully selected. Because in addition to line handling, the Leash for mantrailing affect the dog’s search behavior.

Checklist for mantrailing lines

  • Basically, you can start almost any use a good towline for mantrailing. Especially for beginners, simple long lines made of webbing or cord are enough to try out and sniff in into this exciting dog hobby.
  • Weight and belt width Yours Mantrailing towline must fit the size of your dog. There are especially for smaller four-legged friends extra light tow lines with small carabiners and narrow width.
  • Tips on mantrailing line length: Depending on the level of training, the search area and the size of the dog, in most cases 5-7.5 meters, with large dogs possibly 10 meters, ideal for a mantrailing line.
  • Biothane lines for mantrailing are very popular due to their easy-care properties and are therefore often used in mantrailing. However, the material is quite heavy, so you should invest in a variant that is as light as possible. Also note that wet standard Biothane gets quite slippery, so non-slip gloves are advisable. Various variants such as Grippy Biothane or Beta Biothane are a little better in the hand.
  • Click here for LENNIE’s line configurator on Amazon, in which you can find different lengths, colors and variants ..
  • Rubberized tow lines are water-repellent and offer a particularly good grip thanks to the woven rubber threads. This makes them a great option for mantrailing.
  • Fat leather linen can be held well under wet conditions and leather harnesses are also very popular in the scene. If you are looking for a leather leash, you will find many Search lines and sweat leashes for tracking and hunting needs. However, these lines have to be cared for accordingly, you have to feel like it.
  • Tow lines made of webbing or cord are among the simplest tow lines that you can usually get at a low price. However, these lines require a little more skill in handling, as they tend to knot and cut easily (really, put on gloves!) and soak yourself up with water in rainy weather.
  • Linen in signal colors increase your visibility in traffic. Cyclists and joggers can also see your mantrailing search leash better this way.
  • Leashes with shock absorbers and stretching are rather unsuitable for trailing, as they inadvertently give the dog the wrong feedback and can thus adversely affect the search behavior.

Recommended mantrailing lines

Which towline for mantrailing Makes sense depends on a few factors. The Requirements for a line for mantrailing mainly turn around durable and easy-care material, one solid workmanship, one easy handling without knotting and good visibility in traffic.

And of course the leash must fit the dog and please you.

You can find ours here Recommendations for mantrailing lines:

Tips for mantrailing line handling

Like you one Use search leash effectively for mantralingis best explained to you by a professional!

Because the Mantrailing line guide must of course also be practiced first. Who has never been with one longer leash or fiddled with a towline must first learn how to master the linen salad. This is completely normal.

Here are a few basic tips, without claiming to be exhaustive:

  • Gloves and good shoes are advisable, especially when trail riding with large, strong dogs.
  • You make the separation between work and leisure easier for your dogif you pay attention to certain to adhere to ritualized processes. This also includes putting on mantrailing harness and search leash, which the dog does not otherwise get put on in everyday life.
  • The mantrailing line is attached to a well-fitting search harness attached.
  • Do not run in front of or next to the dog or pull it sideways out of the lane. You are an observer and must first learn to read your dog before you explain his work to him.
  • Do not let the line drag uncontrollably on the ground. How is the dog supposed to concentrate on work when it becomes tangled and needs to be freed every few meters?
  • Keep the leash under tension at a reasonable distance. In this way, your dog continues to indicate the direction without getting knotted every time you change direction.
  • Under the guidance of your trainer, you will learn to carefully influence the paceto get your dog to look more focused. Very excited beginner dogs, for example, sometimes prefer to set off and miss the correct exit. If this happens more often, you should rethink your training plan. Because the dog should learn to work without your permanent correction.
  • Wind up the loose piece of linen in a controlled manner and give more or less leeway if necessary, without letting the loose end drag. Because that hinders your flankers and companions, other people, cyclists, joggers and walkers or your trainer. If someone accidentally steps on yours Linen tail, the dog is stopped abruptly and torn from concentration.
  • Do not pull your dog on the leash and use the leash as little as possible. A search line should not be bulged like a lead line.
  • Interruptions (e.g. in traffic or in undesired dog encounters) should run in a controlled manner. Here you can give your dog signals and talk to him before it goes on again. The leash is intended to secure, not to take your dog out of work or to influence him.

We hope you were able to take a few tips with you on choosing a suitable mantrailing search leash!

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