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If you are planning to get a new companion then dog can be the right choice as they are very honest, obedient, cute and prove to be an ideal accompanying person to anyone. There are numerous pet centers present in New York that you can follow up to fulfill your pet needs. However, you need to fulfill their dog adoption requirements which are very simple. You must be thinking – what sort of requirements they ask you to fulfill.  Then, don’t get tensed as they are very simple to meet. Things they generally ask you to execute can be as follow:

To adopt a dog you must complete 21 years of age.

Identification proof and desirable documents needs to be deposited  like government issued photo ID, driving license,  state ID card, latest residential proof, utility bills  to the respective pet center through which you are following the adoption process.

Solid reference must be necessary to given.  You are free to give number to anyone like your friend, neighbor and colleague but must be authentic and accessible by phone.

what do i need to adopting a dog

At time of dog adoption the presence of all members of the family is crucial. This is appreciable by the pet centers.

If you are residing in a building ten NOC (No Objection Certificate) by the society head must be given. Plus. Landlord permission is also equally necessary if you are living in rented house.


So, these are few points that you need to fulfill while planning for dog adoption NYC. But, if you have any doubts then consult with your respective pet center that you are planning to consider for pet adoption process. Once you meet the requirement completely you can take the dog home at the same day of applying. But, never forget to collect the entire detail about the dog from the center to give better and happy life to them.