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Robust water toy for dogs

Even if the next beach vacation may be a long way off: For many dogs there is nothing better than a trip to their favorite bathing place in summer. And of course the right one is allowed Water toys for dogs to pick up and throw not missing!

If you are specifically looking for buoyant dog balls,
then take a look directly below in the bonus category.

The best water toys for dogs

Here I show you my recommendations for sturdy dog ​​toys for trips to the water.

Find sturdy water toys for dogs

What are the criteria for the large and long-lasting fun factor in dog water toys?

Water toys for dogs need to swim

What actually seems quite logical is unfortunately not always given.

Because some of the poorly imitated water toy classics for four-legged friends do not swim as unconditionally as they should. If the toy suddenly sinks to the bottom of the water, this is of course a cause for disappointment.

This is the reason why one finds good water toys only buoyant materialsthat also after grossly negligent use (… and which water-loving dog is already careful with his things …) still floating on the surface of the water.

On the other hand, it is also the reason why many fetching toys for the water use many materials made of synthetic fibers and plastic. Natural fibers just soak themselves up with water.

  • Many are fundamental Foam dog balls and TPR dog toys also buoyant.
  • Special soft Neoprene water toys are also buoyant, but firstly they can withstand my big dogs for less than 10 minutes and secondly, the cotton filling soaks up as soon as the first seam is leaky.

If you are not quite sure about the swimming properties of your existing toys, I recommend that you simply put everything in the rain barrel or a bucket of water overnight and see what is still swimming up the next day.


When choosing a good swimming toy, remember that it must be clearly visible to the swimming dog and to you. However, a few factors come together here:

On the one hand, dogs are known to see colors and motionless objects in the distance not as high-resolution as we do. On the other hand, waves, splashes of water or even wet fur in front of the eyes make it particularly difficult for dogs to see their water play.

6600 The restricted canine vision requires a clearly visible water toy (comparison made with the Dog Vision app)

Most dogs are therefore particularly careful when throwing the toy and you get the impression that some four-legged friends are swimming almost completely “by ear“After the splash.

You can often tell that many dogs have a big problem finding their toys if they accidentally shoot themselves at a piece of driftwood or leaves on the water and then start swimming in circles to find their toy, very irritated.

Upright floating toys like the funny one Rogz lighthouse try to circumvent the problem by swimming upright in the water. And that works amazingly well.

The water toy has to be fun

What use is the greatest toy if the dog doesn’t like it?

Retriever toys must be easy for the dog to grasp and carry

  • Some dogs like to carry their toys around with them beyond retrieval.

    Of the Breathe Ball von Chuckit! can swim, but allows the dog to breathe freely. A wonderful toy for all dogs who like to carry their toys to the water themselves. By the way, if you like, you can tie a buoyant rope to it yourself.

The water toy must be easy to throw

  • Nobody enjoys picking up a slipped tennis ball or stuffed toy with silt and drool on it. Coarse synthetic fiber fabrics (such as the Toys from Chuckit!) are much more hygienic and dry easily.
  • Soft frisbees with a foam core are great to throw and are floating on the surface of the water, at least for us humans.
  • Balls on rope can be thrown particularly far onto the water (which is only of limited use).

Dragging games with the water toy

Also from one durable water toy You can’t usually expect it to be pure Chew toys long survived. What is important to me personally, however, is a certain aptitude for distorting games.

Because I like to reward interactively and I think it’s stupid to just throw a ball umpteen times in a row. And I don’t like to carry around tons of different toys with me and I just find it practical if you can swim with dragging toys.

  • Fabric water toys of course hang to shreds quickly after playing with a medium-sized or large dog, you can be realistic about that. As long as this does not affect the swimming properties, I am personally indulgent. Fabric is just fabric and no dog toy is made for eternity.
  • At Dummies and Water toys made of TPR and rubber you need a rope to be able to disintegrate with the dog. This is often a weak point, which is why I expect high-quality dog ​​balls with rope that I can tinker with myself.

Tips for using water toys for dogs

Act responsibly

Not every dog ​​is a good swimmer. Age, exercise, waves, currents, water temperature, individual swimming style, general fitness and, last but not least, the physique of your dog determine whether and how persistently a dog can and should swim.

Especially if your dog crazy about water and or ball crazy and does not know your own limits, it is up to you to be responsible and to plan breaks.

And this is not just about physical fatigue. Also swallowing too much (salt) water or having problems with one Water rod can be reduced with careful planning.

Be careful with sticks as water toys

In the meantime, word has got around that wooden sticks are not good dog toys.

Because wood has the stupid property of bending under the influence of external force, but not breaking off. This material property is excellent for trees in a storm, but can be fatal for dogs. Because often the dog gives in rather than the stupid wooden stick.

Of course, when a senior dog pulls a thick, light and rounded piece of driftwood out of the water at a leisurely pace, there isn’t much to be said against it. But if you are a nutcase Drive-makes-stupid-Dog, it’s just not worth the risk.

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