Heyrex Torus Self-Filling Pet Water Bowl, 1 Liter, Portable, Carbon-Filtered

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Fresh and cool filtered water for your dog
Space conscious 1/4 gallon, 1qt, 32oz size
Travel-friendly, take your Torus water bowl anywhere



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Heyrex is proud to show off the Torus, the Final Puppy Water Bowl. This ergonomically-designed water bowl for canine holds as much as a quart (32oz) of carbon-filtered water in its reservoir situated inside the bowls abundant partitions. The hidden reservoir protects your pets water from mud and outdoor contaminants.

Torus helps to keep your Puppy’s water Recent and blank with its patented self-filling layout. Water routinely flows from the garage house, thru a filter out and into the ingesting neatly. No batteries or electrical energy are required. Your Torus water bowl is totally cellular and best for taking within the automobile for blank, Recent water on-the-pass.

Replacement filters are provided in packs of 5, every filter out provides a month blank water to your canine.

The Torus bowl’s tremendous-thick partitions provide a reservoir to verify water is saved cooler for longer. The ergonomic layout prevents spill and its lockable water provide makes it simple to take touring.

Torus is phenomenally solid. Its low profile geometry and comfortable rubber toes assist save you unintentional spills. The water stage within the ingesting neatly is all the time top sufficient to permit simple ingesting but low sufficient to reduce water spills and splashes.

Torus is a pass-anyplace bowl. The valve place whilst locked secures saved water within the partitions so you’re taking Torus with you anyplace you pass. It is utterly cellular and excellent for journeys to the park, seaside, snow, tenting, RV or anyplace!

Torus Options:

  • Large quarter gallon water capacity
  • Auto-replenishes
  • Filters water
  • Water fill, drift and lock options
  • Travel friendly
  • Stored water protection
  • No mess, no spill or splashes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made from meals-grade materials
  • 12 month warranty
  • Easy to clean

Recent and funky filtered water to your canine
Area aware 1/four gallon, 1qt, 32oz dimension
Commute-pleasant, take your Torus water bowl anyplace
Much less splash mess as it keeps a low water stage
Cast building, does not tip over and calls for no batteries or electrical energy. Water is gravity fed


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