Pet Laugh UPDATED VERSION Dog Water Fountain Automatic Dog Waterer Step-on Outdoor Fresh Cold Drinking Water for Dogs, UPDATED VERSION NO LEAKAGE AT ALL Price: $49.99 (as of 03/03/2020 12:17 PST- Details)

Step-on, outdoor water hydration system for dogs; no batteries or electrical supply required.
Provides your dog with instant access to fresh, cold drinking water throughout the day.
Minimal training is required, plus the fountain takes just minutes to install.


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Dogs all the time prefer contemporary, operating water!
This new and progressed Puppy Chuckle Step-On Canine Water Fountain provides your Canine get entry to to chilly, contemporary water all through the day.
The Water Fountain is very sturdy and simple to put in; it merely attaches in your hose or tap, and is constituted of cast brass and heavy gauge metal to make sure hassle-unfastened operation.
The Canine Water Fountain is straightforward to make use of. With the Minimum quantity of coaching your Canine will soon be capable of revel in a fresh drink on every occasion they’re thirsty.
The out of doors hydration device shoots a continuing circulation of water on every occasion your Canine steps at the paddle.
Preferably, it’s best to start coaching your Canine whilst they’re in particular thirsty; get started by means of pushing the paddle down along with your hand or foot and permitting your Puppy to drink.
When your Canine makes an attempt to drink from the fountain yet again place their paws at the paddle; repeat this a number of occasions till your Canine is at ease the use of the fountain. It can be useful to have your Canine method from the entrance; you’ll do that by means of hanging hindrances at the rear and aspects of the fountain till your Puppy is absolutely skilled.
Always find the Canine Water Fountain in a shaded house.
This top class product is very similar to the ‘Doggie Fountain’, however the valve is constituted of copper to make sure that the waft of water is a lot more strong. As well as, the pipe hose is now 40 inches in period, and the waft of water is variable relying at the quantity of power applied to the paddle. Which means that the Water Fountain is appropriate for each small and big canine. This product may be heavier than its predecessor, weighing in at 4 pounds so is way more strong.
Step-on, out of doors water hydration device for canine; no batteries or electric provide required.
Supplies your Canine with wireless get entry to to contemporary, chilly drinking water all through the day.
Minimum coaching is needed, plus the fountain takes simply mins to put in.
Not more stagnant water or grimy water bowls to scrub.
Encourages pets to stick hydrated; appropriate for all sizes of Canine, at any age.


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