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The best tow leashes for dogs

You are looking for a new one Tow leash for dogsthat you can use to train your dog? Maybe you want your new one Dog leash also as a cross-country leash in everyday life Securing a dog with a hunting instinct or other impulsive behavior use?

Here you will find all information about good dog tow leashes and many models from which you can choose the best tow leash for your dog!

Towline checklist

  • Tow lines are intended for that Protecting your dog from stupid decisionsif it does not (yet) react reliably to signals. A good towline is therefore an aid for them Control of your four-legged friend and as Training accessories for curious puppies and puberty Must-Have!
  • Other uses of tow lines can be found as Search and tracking lines, to the Management of anxious dogs, at the Mantrailing or as Cross-country leash to tie under supervision.
  • The optimal towline offers the dog maximum free spacewithout becoming too complex to use. The ideal length and material depend primarily on the desired properties, the load-bearing capacity, processing, price and the weight of the leash.
  • A good towline for beginners is 5-10 Meters long. Because handling the leash must be practiced by both dog and person. For Puppy leashes, Search lines or Tethered lines are often enough 3-5 meters long.
  • Most tow lines exist depending on the Biothane, rubberized nylon, Nylon strap or cord. The stiffer the material, the sooner you’ll get one Tow line without knots.
  • Pay attention to it Tow leashes only to be used with gloves and suitable footwear!
  • The tow leash should never be attached to the collar, but to a dog harness. Make sure that the harness cannot slip over the dog’s head, even under strong tension. Here you can find good harnesses.
  • For use as a cross-country leash, you may need a suitable mooring stake.
  • If you have a Tow line with shock absorber you can find here Bungee-Modulethat you may too as a towline damper can use.

Recommended tow lines

We have compared good tow lines and have collected some models for you here. These are our towline recommendations:

No products found.

No products found.

Further towline recommendations

Bestseller: leashes for dogs

Check out here the most popular dog leashes in the current bestseller list on Amazon:

What is a towline?

What is a tow leash for dogs? A tow leash is a long leash that you can use to control your dog from a distance.

How does the tow line work? The drag line prevents the dog from moving too far away from you. And you can train your signals at a distance and with distraction, without losing control of your dog.

So the point of the towline is that passive protection of the dog from stupid decisions.

Who needs a towline?

When does a tow line make sense?? The Purposes of use for long dog leashes are varied.

  • A good tow leash is essential as a training accessory!
  • Dogs with a hunting instinct or other impulsive behaviors can rarely be leaned off. As a permanent solution in everyday life, a long tow leash offers these dogs more freedom than, for example, a pull-out leash. Here it is particularly important to pay attention to the processing of the leash.
  • Also scared dogs you often have to provide permanent protection against attempted escape. In this case, it might even be advisable to have double coverage Do-it-yourself brand with an additional carabiner.
  • Senior dogs tend to become a bit headstrong in old age. And that too dwindling eyesight, Hearing problems or dementia can make better control in everyday life (again) necessary.
  • Also for good dogs with good recall the acquisition of a tow line can make sense. This applies, for example, to the Use of a drag line during the breeding and setting time or the use of a Tow leash with leash force, e.g. on some sections of the beach. Please note, however, that the maximum length of the permitted lines is often specified in line regulations.
  • As Field lines, search lines, tracking lines and mantrailing lines tow lines are also used. Depending on the use and dog, the leash does not necessarily have to be able to sprint into the end of the leash, so that you can sometimes choose a slightly lighter variant.
  • As Cross-country leash can be a tow line when camping or a tow line in the garden under the supervision Do good service and give your four-legged friend some space. Pay attention to one suitable mooring stake to use!

Towline benefits

  • You can control your dog from a distance
  • Your dog’s radius of action is limited
  • A must-have as a training accessory to secure
  • Offers more freedom than a retractable leash or a leash

Towline disadvantages

  • Tow ropes are more complex to handle, can get tangled and have to be wound up correctly
  • Cloth tow ropes get heavy, wet and dirty and have to be stored somewhere in the car
  • You need gloves because otherwise you can burn your skin when the leash slides through.
  • Your dog needs a good harness that does not cut into him and does not slip over his head even when thundering into the end of the leash. Norwegian harnesses are not suitable.
  • Like all leashes, tow leashes are not ideal for dog contact and pose an increased risk of injury.
  • The handling of a tow line has to be learned and by then it can be a bit annoying and frustrating for both dog and owner.

Are there alternatives to the tow line?

Not really as a training accessory and cross-country leash in my eyes. Sure, you can tie a rope to your dog. But why should you do that when you can buy good tow lines at a reasonable price?

Tow leash or lead leash?

A tow leash gives the dog more freedom than a short leash. This is a blessing, especially for dogs with permanent leash,

Tow leash or retractable leash?

Retractable leashes are not designed to be subjected to full load on a regular basis. It may well happen that the line in the roller box breaks. And due to the bad grip, the roller box easily falls out of your hand. Fatal for dogs with anxiety problems!

Pull-out leashes are also limited in their maximum length and offer less freedom as a training accessory, as you never have your hands free and the dog is encouraged to pull.

Advice: Buy the optimal towline

There is no such thing as the right towline or the best towline for all cases. Here are a few Towline tips about material, properties and length.

If you are not sure, the best thing to do is to start with an inexpensive line with a length of 5-10 meters and a hand strap. We recommend to start with rubberized tow lines and Tow leashes made from Biothane.

If you feel comfortable with it and have an assessment of the requirements in your everyday life, you can cut off the hand strap if necessary and even shorten the lines.


You can find tow lines in a variety of materials. Which material is best for towline, of course, depends a bit on the required security and use.

  • Nylon tow lines are cheap, light and often sufficient as a temporary parenting leash. However, they suck up quickly in rainy weather, tend to knot and fray quickly, depending on the quality. And sharp puppy teeth gnawed their way through here quickly if you don’t look.
  • Tow leashes made from Biothane are water-repellent, dirt-resistant and easy to clean. They unite everyone Advantages of a leather leash, but are much less maintenance-intensive. These lines are available round or flat. However, Biothane is quite heavy and does not float on the water.
  • Rubberized tow lines are water-repellent and light enough in lengths of up to 10-15 meters. Ideal for everyone who wants a tow leash with grip.
  • There are also around braided towlines made of e.g. polypropylene rope. Pay attention to good quality, e.g. from climbing needs or pulling dog sports. In this category you get ultra-light towline like one of my insider tips, the Tow leash made of PE rope from HuskyTec. For everyone for whom conventional tow lines are too heavy.

There are also some models with additional features such as Reflector seams or padded neoprene hand straps.

Material properties

Most important are handling and Properties of the towline:

  • The Material should be as easy to grip as possible (Don’t forget: try it out with gloves!), Biothane and rubberized lines have a clear advantage here.
  • Whether you have your Towline round or flat prefer is a matter of taste. Both variants can get tangled and can be rolled up equally well.
  • Should your Tow line buoyant be? A floating Tow leash for dogs makes perfect sense! Because, on the one hand, a sinking, fully sucked leash pulls the swimming dog. On the other hand, the loop of the towline can get caught underwater! For one Towline that floats, it’s best to choose a light rubberized leash like that Hunter Visby Super Grip.
  • If your Waterproof tow line should be, you are with Biothane linen and rubberized linen well served.
  • Everyone wants one Towline that doesn’t get tangled! Choose a somewhat stiffer material like Biothane, PE rope or rubberized nylon belt for one Towline that is not knotted. Do you want one Towline without knots , but you also have to pay a little attention to them proper care and storage pay attention and learn to wind up the towline.
  • Should your Tow line easy to clean be? A smooth waterproof material like Biothane does that Tow leash dirt-repellent and washable, a blessing especially for walks in the woods and on the beach! Rubberized lines and synthetic fiber ropes also absorb relatively little dirt.
  • Your Dog likes to shred himself through leashes? Then of course you should work on weaning him off of this “fun” again. In the meantime, the dog should do not be unobserved with the leash and a as firm a drag line as possible be chosen as Biothane or maybe even a cheap KCable made of sheathed steel wire, if you are looking for a cross-country leash to tie.
  • Choose one Towline in signal color like orange or neon yellow. In hectic situations, the line is immediately noticeable, nobody steps on it unnecessarily and others can recognize the line immediately.


I advise beginners to have a leash between them 5 and 10 meters in length. It usually doesn’t have to be much more than 10 meters for the normal protection of a young dog during the retrieval training and for learning a normal radius of action.

At Dogs that should be permanently secured on a cross-country leash and tend to run away, the line can be longer. However, you must first learn how to use the towline, so it is not advisable to get on with a 15-25 meter line.

You are on for some purposes external criteria bound. Examples: With a long house leash for adolescent dogs, anything over 3-5 meters is not really practical and with search leashes 10 meters is simply common. And also Line regulations have to be considered.

If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for yet. How many meters of towline are ideal for your purposesdepends on many factors. Weigh in choosing the optimal length of the towline the following thoughts:

  • Long tow lines offer the dog more freedom. However, the handling is …

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