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The most common pathologies in cats – AssurOpoil Chat Assurance

Cat disease: the most common diseases

Cat disease: Every owner wants their cat to be healthy and dynamic all day long. Unfortunately, it can contract various germs and infectious diseases. The chances of the feline contracting any of these conditions are higher for those who live with their owner and are allowed to roam outdoors as Abyssinians, Persians and Siamese unlike alley cats with high resistance . When affected, without adequate care, the disease can be fatal. Because prevention is always better than cure, the right effective precautions aim to prevent them from recurring. However, the latter varies according to the origin of the disease.

Cat disease: Rabies is the most common viral disease

When a cat is sick, this can be seen directly by a change in its behavior. The most common diseases in this feline include diseases of viral origin, including rabies. It is explained by a disorder of the nervous system. The animal even becomes aggressive towards its owner and allows him to swallow his food. We need to be especially vigilant because this type of syndrome is unacceptable and is also transmitted to humans. There is also typhus in cats, a disorder that is highly contagious and causes severe weakness in the subject.

During the incubation period, when the symptoms develop, he often has diarrhea and vomiting. The discomfort continues with fever and it is only before it gets worse that you have to respond. On the other hand, in the case of Coryza the cat, the symptoms are seen with a constant flow at the level of the small animal’s eyes and nose. He sneezes frequently and has lesions in the mouth that indicate an ulcer. As the disease worsens, the secrets become stinks. At this point, you need to rush to the vet. To prevent it, the best way for these precise cases is vaccination. Of course, it is best to perform this procedure from a young age for a companion to be sure about their effectiveness. The vaccine primarily prevents against 5 diseases.

Leukosis and chlamydia

Apart from the illnesses already mentioned, cats have other diseases such as Leukemia and chlamydia. The first virus infects tumors in cats and causes diseases that infect the blood. The incubation period is long, even several years, and the mode of transmission is through direct contact with the virus vectors. Prior blood testing for this type of disease is required. For chlamydia, its onset is usually focused on the eye. It is permanently released at the level of the visual organs and is accompanied by redness and itching. It is good to know that its treatment is difficult, but not impossible. This disease is similar to disseminated conjunctivitis mainly in cats living in communities. Finally, the last recently discovered disease that is fatal to small animals is FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Its treatment also takes time and is transmitted through a bit. It causes a deficiency in immune capacity and is seen in some types of infections.

Elderly cats are the most vulnerable and are the most exposed to diseases. In case you forgot to vaccinate your partner during childhood, it is never too late. Immunization is best done at the time of his life when he places great sensitivity on the relatives. Be sure to remember reminders to be sure prevention is working. If you have any further questions, please leave them with your vet. It will specify the explanations and reasons for this process. Be aware that if you forget the date of recall, your feline’s ability to fight certain illnesses will diminish or disappear and you will no longer be protected.

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