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Using natural cat repellant

The cat and its territory, great love story… or not. Well, not for everyone.

Various markings of the cat

The cat, unlike the dog, is attached to its territorial space, it will use different methods of marking.

First, it will go against the furniture, the doors, in order to lodge its smell: these are soothing markings for the cat. They help to show that he is good in his environment.

It can also be practiced on family individuals, as well as domestic dogs, or other congeners, which means that these individuals are clearly accepted, will not represent invaders if they leave or enter. in the territory.

Then there are the messages about the preservation of its territory, warning messages towards invaders, congeners for example, unwelcome (scratches, urine markings).

Malignant markings can be a real injury to feline owners. As much as for non-owners these suffer with neighborhood cats.

There is also the turning of the vegetable garden, very annoying, to do its business.

These concerns can be related to the move or arrival of a new cat in your home. Females tend to urinate more easily, often on your bed or upstairs, where they like to “sing” during this period.

Whether it’s to keep cats away from the vicinity of our garden, or to prevent our nice “tomcat” from doing his business or his claws where we don’t want him, clothes can be very useful to you.

Mild yes, but natural, it ‘s even better!

Choose a repulsive natural cat

Indoor clothing

Do you know the Petsafe?

When we need to protect access to our wonderful leather sofa, or reinforce the prevention of scratching or urination in such and such a place, the Petsafe will be very effective. It is a box containing an odorless spray that is drawn when the transmitter on your cat ‘s collar is approaching. This action is unpleasant for the cat, and in the end encourages him not to go to this place anymore.

Not only are the grandmother’s recipes appealing to us, but also to eradicating the bad habits of our little feline. I offer you some practical recipes:

  • 5 drops of lemon essential oils + 10 drops of Eucalyptus essential oils in 1 liter of water. To be spread in sprays. Be careful, never on plants or cats, as essential oils are toxic to them. Just on surfaces in small quantities. This is enough to prevent the cat from approaching.
  • Boil a large glass of water with a spoonful of mustard. Remove from the heat, wait 10 minutes and add 5 teaspoons of black pepper. Wait for the mixture to cool and spray when prohibited.
  • In a large glass of water, pour 1 teaspoon cinnamon, lavender, rosemary. Leave to infuse overnight, then pass the mixture through a fine strainer to remove large particles. Add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and it is ready to use.

For those who don’t have the culinary soul, you can opt for the “Essential and Naturly’s” ready spray based on lemon grass essential oils.

Outdoor clothing

  • Add strong mustard to 50cl of water. Spray where you do not want cats to fall. Be careful, however, to sprinkle on dry days.
  • For vegetable gardens, cats love the uncomfortable, we can put small branches or other unpleasant materials in it to prevent access. However, thorns should be avoided, both in the interests of animal welfare and the preservation of neighborly understanding.
  • Plant citronella geraniums. Cats hate this smell.

There you go, to your pots and sprayers !!

Remember, before using repellents or even in combination with them, remember to lure your cat to where you want it. A cat scratching post on which you rub valerian, or catnip, cushions.

The use of Féliway, soothing, is also interesting if the change in behavior occurred during movement or with the arrival of a new man, or dog for example.

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