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Which flour for dog biscuits?

Would you like to bake cookies for your dog, but only have the standard “wheat flour 405” in your cupboard? Now you are surely asking yourself: Hmm, is wheat flour healthy for dogs? Are there any better alternatives?

That is why we are getting to the bottom of the question which flour is suitable for dog biscuits and how the types of flour differ.

Basically nothing speaks against using wheat flour, rye flour, barley flour, oat flour, spelled flour or the gluten-free varieties rice flour, millet flour or corn flour for baking for the dog (with wholemeal flours, a little more nutrients from the grain get into the flour).

If your dog has a grain allergy, you can use grain-free varieties like potato flour, coconut flour, or flour made from pseudo-grains like buckwheat flour.

Here is an overview of some of the different possible types of flour for dog biscuits:

Cereal flours for dog biscuits

Many dogs have no problem with grain in dog food and can tolerate the typical types of flour even in home-baked dog biscuits. If you want to bake grain-free or gluten-free for your bake, here is a table of the classic types of grain:

Sort Grain Gluten
wheat flour ✔️ ✔️
Dinkelmehl ✔️ ✔️
Rye flour ✔️ ✔️
Hafermehl ✔️ ✔️
Barley flour ✔️ ✔️
Hirsemehl ✔️
Maismehl ✔️
Reismehl ✔️

The cereal flours include all flours made from wheat, spelled, rye, barley, oats, rice, maize and millet.

Wheat flour 405“Is the Standard flour that you can get in almost every supermarket. But the other varieties can also be found in the well-stocked supermarket (Incidentally, the number of different types of flour relates to how many minerals there are in the flour. This influences, among other things, the baking properties and the ability of a flour to bind liquids).

Grain is tolerated by most dogs without any problems and can therefore be used for baking dog biscuits!

No, it doesn’t have to!

Gluten is a Mixture of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When a dough is moistened and kneaded, it forms a three-dimensional structure and is therefore partly responsible for the baking properties of a flour.

At gluten-containing flours there is no need for any other binding ingredients, so that theoretically only liquid is necessary to mix a bakable dough and you can do without eggs.

Because gluten ensures, among other things, the crumb and stable pore formation during baking, so that pastries containing gluten turn out to be a little fluffy and juicy (but this is particularly relevant for bread baking and our furry friends shouldn’t care anyway).

  • Wheat and spelled have a higher gluten content than rye, oats and barley.
  • Rice, corn and millet are gluten-free.

A real Gluten intolerance is also rare in humans and does not play a role for our four-legged friends apart from the very rare hereditary diseases of individual dog breeds (even if some alarmists on the Internet like to say something different without any facts).

However, dogs can allergic to grain protein react. And since wheat is in everywhere, an allergy to wheat is one of the most common food allergies in dogs.

And then of course you have to do without wheat or grain in general in dog biscuits!

If available, is Whole wheat flour always a good choice. Because here parts of the seedling are still contained in the endosperm and provide a few additional micronutrients.

Dog biscuits with sweet potato and peanut butter

Two incredibly delicious ingredients combined in one mega delicious dog biscuit that you would love to nibble yourself!

Here is the recipe

Potato flour for dog biscuits

To the Potato flour is one of the popular alternatives for cereal flour in dog biscuits. This flour is pure starch made from potato tubers with a fine grain size.

Thanks to its good availability, you can get the grain-free and gluten-free potato starch as a sauce binder in every supermarket at a reasonable price.

Potato flour is wonderfully suitable for making dog biscuits, so many grain dog biscuits are baked with this type of flour.

Dog biscuits with sweet potato [Backmatte]

A quick baking mat recipe with which you can quickly conjure up crispy dog ​​biscuits out of the one sweet potato in your kitchen.

Here is the recipe

Coconut flour for dog biscuits

Coconut flour is a very expensive ingredient compared to cereal flours, which you can get easily Grind yourself in the food processor from desiccated coconut can.

The difference between commercial coconut flour and ground coconut flakes however, lies in the fat content. Because coconut flour ends up on the supermarket shelf without oil.

So make sure that when using self-ground coconut flakes you can reduce the further addition of fat to your dough.

As an ingredient in dog biscuits, coconut flour is popular because it is natural grain free is and the Coconut oil hype rubbed off a bit here.

However, we should consider this exotic ingredient because of the long transport routes not necessarily carelessly baked in large quantities in dog biscuits if it is not really necessary.

Coconut flour Incidentally, it sucks up a lot of liquid, so that in case of doubt you have to make sure to adapt your desired recipe accordingly with more water or an additional egg.

Pseudograin flour

  • Amarantmehl
  • Buckwheat flour
  • Quinoamehl
  • Chiamehl
  • Flaxseed flour

Pseudogetreide how Amaranth, quinoa, or buckwheat You can get it in almost every supermarket (as flour or as a whole fruit to grind yourself in the food processor).

Chia and flaxseed do not have particularly good baking properties and are mainly used as binders.

However, these types of flour cost a little more than conventional cereal flours, as pseudo-cereals are not quite as profitable as cereals.

Pseudogetreide does not contain gluten, so doughs do not rise so nicely. For airy dog ​​biscuits (e.g. from the Back mat) you should add starch (e.g. rice flour, tapioca, corn starch, potato starch) and a binding agent such as egg, guar gum or chia seeds to your dough.

There are meanwhile many great recipes for dog biscuits with pseudograins. So give it a try if you feel curious!

Just remember that you cannot always swap the amount of grain flour in a recipe 1: 1 with pseudo grain and you should approach the desired dough consistency with a sense of proportion.

Tapioca sauces

The processed and ground manioc root (cassava) is called in Asian or Latin American supermarkets Cassava sold. As a by-product of the manufacturing process, pure starch is created, too Tapioca or tapioca starch called.

Tapioca starch is very fine-grained and binds water, so it is mainly used as a binder is used. Very Tapioca starch comes in handy when making semi-moist training treats with a rubbery texture that freeze well.

If you crumble normal dog biscuits too much, it’s definitely worth a try!

Legume flour

  • Chickpea flour
  • Pea flour
  • Lupinenmehl
  • Soy Mehl

Also from Legumes how Soybeans, chickpeas, peas or lupins can be used to grind flour. When baking dog biscuits, you can theoretically use all of these types of flour.

These flours are particularly rich and rich in protein and therefore above all Very popular as a source of protein in the vegetarian and vegan diet of dogs.

However, if you fear your dog could take one Soybean-Allergy should, of course, not suffer.

Other types of flour

Pretty much any fruit or tuber can be dried and ground. This results in fine-grained ingredients that are sometimes also suitable for baking:

  • Chestnut flour
  • Nut flours
  • Sweet potato flour
  • Plantain flour

Many of these more or less exotic ingredients are also suitable, if you actually want to Dog biscuits without flour wanted to bake. Because, for example Almond flour or Maronenmehl Apart from their texture, they don’t have much in common with traditional grain flour.

By the way: If you have a dehydrator and a good mixer (and lots of free time), you can also try making your own types of flour.


If you only want to bake for a healthy four-legged friend from time to time, you can usually use wheat flour or other cereal flours for it without any problems. The majority of all Dogs tolerate grain finally without any problems.

But flour is not only made from cereal grains! Also the Fruits of pseudograins, tubers, pulses and other vegetable products are processed into flour.

Attention, various animal products are also ground (e.g. fish meal, rumen meal, bone meal), but do not have the baking properties necessary for making biscuits.

The acquisition of Grain-free flours especially for dogs is inevitable when the four-legged friend allergic to wheat responds. Fortunately, there is a great variety in the well-stocked supermarket, but nothing speaks against just trying something new!

Trends such as gluten-free nutrition, paleo, low-carb or the hype about rare superfoods in nutrition has led to an increasing number of different types of flour to choose from in recent years.

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