Foster Care & Adoption Program

Foster Care and Adoption Program

Fostering a Rescue

Our foster care and adoption programs are the cornerstones of our organization. We bring homeless dogs into the homes of our
foster care volunteers, where they are loved and cared for until they can be placed in permanent homes.

This unique approach allows us to provide very personalized care to each dog. Veterinary care is provided, as well as training and
socialization. In the event that a dog cannot be placed in a permanent home, we will care for the dog and allow it to live out its
life in our facility.

Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue is a no kill rescue and will never euthanize any dog because it was considered unadoptable.Tip of Tex K-9
Rescue also has the right to terminate any adoption/foster contract if we feel that the dog(s) are not properly being cared for. In
this case, we would make every attempt to bring the dog back to our facility.

We’re always looking for more foster care volunteers, so please view our Foster Care Application if you think you might be
interested in helping out OR our Adoption Application if you think you have found the pet for you and your family in our Petlist.

We work hard to place each of our dogs in a loving, permanent home. We spend a lot of time and energy assessing the dogs’ needs
and working on matching them with the right families.

For anyone who is interested in Fostering a puppy with the possibility of adopting, please take the time to submit your Foster Care
application along with a Spay & Neuter Contract. We’d also like to share that we now have a release form for those of you have a
Vet that require Written consent for obtaining information on the dog receiving care.

When a puppy or dog is released intact, we do require that the puppy be spayed as soon as possible. Please visit the Library to find
some Informative Literature on why Altering your pet is so Important.
Please contact us with any questions concerning the release form or the spay/neuter contract.

If you’ve already been fortunate to adopt one of our pets, please contact us if you’d like your new friend to be featured in our Happy Tails.

*** Please Note ***Because our facility is run and maintained by one person and a group of foster homes, our dogs can only be seen
by Appointment ONLY! Due to the high call volume, we prefer that you contact us via email. Hundreds of calls come in on a daily
basis and is very difficult to return each and every call, Thank You for your patience.