Referral Dogs

Referral Dogs

The Referral Dogs section was made in order to provide information on Pet’s that are currently available for “private” adoption. Private Adoption means that the pet is currently living in a home with it’s owner or an Individual who can no longer keep him/her and is holding the dog while a Permanent/Suitable home is found.  

Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue makes NO guarantee as to the health or temperament of any of the dogs on this referral page.  When adopting any dog, be informed and ask questions about the dog’s health status.  Ask for verification of vaccination and heartworm preventative.  

Be aware of temperament and ask questions to verify the dog will fit into your family.  To avoid potentially costly problems, be an informed adopter and ask your vet about important health and temperament issues before adopting an animal

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Please Note:

If you have a dog that you are currently caring for and can no longer keep, in order for you to list it here you will need to submit a digital
photo, include as much information as you have on the animal, and list your contact information consisting of your First Name, Email Address, and phone number.

If Contact information is not submitted we can not publish your listing due to an overwhelming volume of emails/phone calls we receive on a daily basis. We can not guarantee that any email/phone call regarding your pet will get a reply.

Please notify us once a permanent home has been found so that we can remove your listing from our website. If you have any questions,please contact us.

This dog was found wandering in the Pharr area… and is approximately 5-6 months old. Breed unknown but rescuer suspects him to be a lab mix.
Please contact Theresa @ [email protected] for more information.

These pups are approximately 3 months old and are in need of a good home. All but 2 (1 male, 1 female)  have been adopted out. The remaining Two (Marked ) are brown  with some black markings.

There are also 1 buckskin , and 1 white with tan patches around eyes that are female and Pitbull/Lab Mix… pictures of these two pitbull/lab mixes are available upon request.

All puppies are extremely friendly with children have been around livestock (goats, chickens and other dogs),

For more information and more pics, do not hesitate to send me an  email