Lost & Found

Lost & Found 

The idea behind our Lost and Found section is to assist families in Recovering their beloved pet. If you’d like to add your Lost family member simply contact us and we will gladly add him/her to our website. Please refer to the Pet Recovery Tips and our Pet Recovery References for more information on what else you can do to get the word out.  

Please Note:

In order to place your rescue/pet here you must submit a digital photo, list the City or Neighborhood in which he/she was found/lost, list your contact information consisting of your First Name, Email Address, and phone number.

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If contact information is not submitted we can not list your pet/rescue on our website due to an overwhelming volume of emails/phone calls we receive on a daily basis. We can not guarantee that any email/phone call regarding your pet/rescue will get a reply.

Please notify us once a permanent home has been found so that we can remove your listing from our website.If you have any questions,

please contact us

Breed: Yorkie
Age:2 1/2 years old
Weight: 2 1/2 lbs
Color: Black, brown and gray

Age:2 1/2 years old
Weight:5 lbs
Color: Gray and Brown

Reward of $500.00 if found.

Last seen on the corner of  Alta Mesa and Paseo del Rey (Chaparral Subdivision),
Brownsville on Tuesday 12/9/2009.

Contact Rick/Ana Herrera at (956) 346 4827 (956) 541 1330 or  at  
[email protected]