Who we are

Who we are

Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue was organized to help the large
number of unwanted or abandoned homeless dogs in
South Texas, is primarily a K-9 rescue.  And is also a
member of The Very Best Pet Network, and one of few
No Kill Shelters or Rescues in South Texas.
Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)
association that receives no outside funding. It is
managed on a daily basis by one person and several
generous foster homes. Tax-deductible donations of
cash, food and wish list items are always needed and
greatly appreciated.

We take mixed breeds as well as pure breed dogs. At Tip of Tex K 9 Rescue our policy is to first evaluate the health and
condition of the new arrival.
All pets are given immediate medical attention and are evaluated by our local vets. All adult dogs get spayed or neutered as
soon as possible, In the event that a puppy is adopted out, the adopter must agree to a Spay/Neuter contract.

Once their medical needs have been met, they begin the socialization process and are evaluated for any behavioral problems.  
Healthy dogs of good temperament are never euthanized at Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue. If an adoptive home is not found, rescued
dogs live out their lives as permanent residents of the facility.                 
All of our pets have either been rescued from high kill shelters within South Texas or are brought in by caring people that
have been found abandoned. Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue is by no means a shelter, any animal that is brought here is temporarily
housed until a permanent home is found.   

Our adoptions are 100% totally guaranteed. If for any reason you are unhappy with the pet or if you can no longer care for
the pet please return that pet back to Tip of Tex K 9 Rescue. We will always attempt to match the right pet with the right
person or family. We want every pet to go to a FOREVER home with a wonderful caring family who will be responsible pet
owners. Please be aware that if you are not properly caring for your dog, we will terminate any adoption contract, and
retrieve the dog.

Terms & Conditons:

The following are the most important guidelines that you must agree to follow in order to adopt a dog from Tip of Tex K-9
Rescue. More specific guidelines are discussed in the adoption forms.
1.    Your dog is always kept on leash whenever it is outdoors, unless in a totally fenced area.
2.    Your dog must never be tied to anything.
3.    You will never discipline your dog by hitting him/her.
4.    You agree to keep your dog up-to-date on all necessary shots and medical needs.
5.    You agree to keep you dog as a pet and never use it for hunting, racing, breeding or laboratory research.
6.    If your dog should be missing for any reason, you agree to call Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue, the police and animal control
7.    If for any reason you decide you cannot keep your dog, you will return him/her to Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue.
8.    You agree to allow a Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue representative to follow up with phone calls and/or visits.
9.    If at any time the dog is not being provided a proper home, as noted in the above statements, the dog will be retrieved by
Tip of Tex K-9 Rescue.

Please bring your household members and your other pets to meet our dogs available for adoption. It is always best for new
dogs to meet each other in an unfamiliar area. There is less stress for both of them.
If you are interested in becoming a foster or interested in becoming a volunteer, please Contact us directly.

Keep in mind that To foster, you must have a fenced yard with appropriate shelter and be able to provide food for your foster.
 Also, any dogs you own must be spayed or neutered. We encourage any potential adopter or foster family to take advantage
of our Visit our Foster Care and Adoption Program area or Library where you will find useful information.  Donate a Bed